Gamble with your iWatch – The Future is on your Wrist

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Beyonce’s got one, Katy Perry’s kissed hers, and Karl Lagerfeld is strutting the catwalk with his. Like it or not, the iWatch has started to tick. Apple thinks the future is on our wrist. Who are we to disagree?

What we can guarantee is this: where there’s a new technology to drive media, you can be sure that gambling will soon follow. You can rest assured that sooner – rather than later – you will be rolling dice and spinning roulette with your wrist.

Right now: developers are hard at work creating ways to use the iWatch as a wagering platform. Here are a few ideas that might make wagering – with your watch – fun.

#1. Craps Will Be a Classic

Mobile Phone Gaming(If this idea is not already in development, please forward any royalty cheques via this blog).

It’s simple: the dice pop up on the iWatch screen, you shake your wrist and then ‘throw’ the dice. Now, watch the screen, marvel as your virtual dice tumble, and hope your numbers hit.

This idea could also work for roulette: you could spin the wheel and throw the ball in. If you were playing in tandem with a computer screen, you could play blackjack and use hand gestures to place bets and turn cards.

#2. In Game Will Get Better

In game sports betting could definitely be enhanced with a clever watch app. At the moment, betting in game means grabbing your phone. It can cost valuable seconds and make you miss a big play.

A simple ‘tap tap’ on the wrist to make a quick bet could be the perfect application for the new tech. You will also be able to see exactly how many minutes are remaining in the game. These watches do tell the time as well (apparently).

#3. Always On – Loyalty Bonus Opportunities

It could be good or bad but there will be no getting away from your iWatch (well… unless you just take it off!). This means that you never need miss out on a loyalty bonus or promotion that requires you to – for example – play a game at least once a day. Your iWatch can give you a reminder to ensure you quality for that all important bonus bump.

#4. Add Virtual Reality and You’re Cooking

In the next year, we will start to see the early widespread roll outs of Oculus Rift, the Sony Morpheus, and many other virtual reality headsets. The iWatch will be able to act as a security device, a bank, and/or an integrated motion device in the 3D environment.

For example: you will be able to carry credit on the iWatch, step into a virtual casino, and yank the lever of the slot. If you hit the jackpot, you could be transported into outer space. The possibilities are limited only by the developer’s imagination. The watch could be a key part of the overall experience.

#5. Fab New Games

Collection of smart watchesOnline slots have evolved from carbon copy clones to graphic-rich games with bonus round animations and embedded loyalty rewards. The technology has enabled the online slot to develop.

The iWatch will undoubtedly breed a new generation of wrist based games. Games that require motion and interaction. It could be an updated version of a Tamagotchi that gives the player spins of the slot as it evolves.

Whatever the future holds, you can rest assured that the casino and online gaming will eventually find its way onto your wrist. Watch this watch space.

6 thoughts on “Gamble with your iWatch – The Future is on your Wrist

  1. Jane says:

    Thanks for the insight. I am quite excited about the iwatch. I often play casino games on a daily basis and at times the applications are not ideal. I enjoy the notion of being able to play casino games on the iwatch. Will be a more easier to navigate.

  2. kris says:

    I just got my Apple watch yesterday. I can’t wait for all sorts of
    casino games that I can play on it. I love your point about always
    having it on and never missing a promotion or bonus opportunity. I hate
    when I am away from my Ipad and miss some bonus and know that I could
    have taken advantage of it.

  3. bmokit says:

    Cool, I have an iphone and was contemplating getting the Apple watch. The only thing stopping me was the price and also the size of their screen. However, I don’t always have a bag or pockets on me and I think the Apple watch will be really helpful in that aspect.

  4. Erina Tessel says:

    I love my Apple Watch and found a fun little slot game that looks great on it called Twirlaloop. It’s fun spinning the reels on my wrist with just a tap. I’m sure gaming will get even better on the watch as technology improves. I need to save up for the gold edition 🙂

  5. malvinkedric says:

    These kind of new technology apps creates more interest in people to get them immediately. Is it convenient for online gambling games or not?

  6. malvinkedric says:

    Is it convenient for online gambling games or not?

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