Dont Try this at Home! Casino Cheats and Villains

Casino Cheating

Casino games are risky, but everyone that plays them dreams of making a quick million bucks (or two) to set themselves up for life. Here are some rather dubious ‘success’ stories and the questionable ways they made their fortunes happen – though they’re hardly reputable and don’t happen to work out for the best in the end. The moral of the story: read, chuckle, even be in awe if you’re so inclined – but don’t try this at home!

Remote Control Roulette

RouletteYes, believe it or not, back in 1973, a gang of three tricksters – including a famed beauty named Monique Laurent – managed to scam their way to over 5 million francs with a remote controlled Roulette ball!

The three involved worked their scam as follows: they had a roulette croupier on their side, the other man (the croupier’s brother in law) working as the player, and Monique controlling the ball from nearby via her cigarette case. The radio receiver inside the ball had a 90% accuracy rate, giving this dodgy trio the chance to control the outcome of every game and spice up their bankroll without any visible cheating.

So, over the period of a week they managed to clock up the francs, but what gave the game away in the end? A manager with an eye for the ladies who spotted Monique’s hand constantly in her cigarette case while going through video footage of the guy that kept winning. He asked her for a cigarette and the pack was snatched before she could realise what was happening – which just goes to show, beauty doesn’t always pay!

Tech Geeks & Gadgets

hitting the jackpotThe infamous Dennis Nikrash managed to rip off a massive $6 million from computerised slots machines in bricks and mortar casinos with his secret hacking skills. He went so far as to purchase his own slot machine for practice experiments, figuring out how to modify his chips so he could trigger payouts at will. Once this was mastered, he moved on to casino games with a specialised team of assistants… or so he thought.

Nikrash’s team would position themselves conveniently in front of cameras to block the view, while the ringleader would open the slot, swap the computer chip with his own, and then seal it back up – all in less than a minute! One of his gang buddies would then play the machine and win – with the jackpot magically triggering each time. Sounds foolproof? Well, yes, it might have been – if one of his own team hadn’t busted him.

Ronald Harris is another infamous tech geek who managed to scam the casinos – only he was an inspector with the Nevada Gaming Control Board so he was in a juicier position to act. He hid his equipment while working, so the machine would then payout in accordance to the combination of the coin amount and the way the lever was pulled.

Of course, Harris needed help to cover his tracks, so he enlisted the assistance of Reid McNeal – who turned out to be the worst possible choice. Not only did he act far too weird when he won his first $10,000, allowing security to follow him; when they turned up at his room minutes later, they found all the evidence they needed – including with his partner in crime. Yep, talk about being caught red-handed!

If you can’t win, cheat, seems to be the motto of these guys… But as you now know, the magic didn’t last long. And thankfully, there’s no record of online casino cheats, so it seems the online world is still the safest way to play.

Do you have any funny or shocking gambling cheat stories? Do you know of any other famous incidents or legends that we’ve missed? Or did your mate try and scam you in a home game and get him comeuppance? We’d love to hear your tales – so do share in the comments below!

10 thoughts on “Dont Try this at Home! Casino Cheats and Villains

  1. Harry Dunn says:

    Wow that’s crazy, I wanna learn how to do that! I personally don’t gamble myself but if a guy has earned $6 million then that has made me very eager to try it out. I don’t think I’d like to scam computerised things as I reckon I’d get caught!

  2. Nick Smith says:

    Where ever there is money involved, cheats will always be there as greed has no cure. The ball controlled with a radio receiver cigarette case was good but this guy Dennis takes the cake with swapping the slot chip with his own.

  3. aminegriffy says:

    Some people are just too clever and they really know how to make crazy money, In this case the guy who made $6 million was so smart and knew how to cheat the system as it takes so much knowledge to do this kind of stuff, but as everyone says cheaters will always get caught.

  4. uzma says:

    Obviously, it will not last long. Since it is a crime, they will get caught now or then.

  5. Peggy Francoeur says:

    Given technology and what is has become I am amazed that there aren’t more scams going on out there. That more individuals aren’t trying to cheat the casinos. But then again maybe these are taking place and these people just aren’t getting caught, it could happen.

  6. fahima tasnim says:

    The guy who did cheat to gain huge amount of money,needed to spend time to acquire secret hacking skills.I think it’s better to give time doing good jobs rather than such crime.Today or tomorrow crime will get revealed.

  7. Kappa HD says:

    Holy the roulette ball scam seems so surreal. I wonder how long it took to think of something like that haha. I could never try something like that.

  8. Richard Mawanda says:

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    they can discover, it’s that perplexing.

    I have witnessed this first hand in many major casinos, but
    there is one spectacular gambling method that would be that peaceful and less

    This wont cost you a fortune in lost luck

  9. ivan says:

    Useful story! Sports betting can be very interesting, esepcially when they are online where it’s faster and more convenient to bet at any given time.

  10. Poker Games says:

    The post is very informative. It is a pleasure reading it.

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