The 8 Coolest Gambling Tattoos

These are some of the best gambling tattoos that we’ve found from across the internet. There are a lot of great options that are worth looking at.

Tattoos were once a taboo subject. Now, seemingly everyone has at least one. They tell a story of just about anything you could want. As it turns out, gambling tattoos are some of the coolest you will find. Including the eight seen in this post.

There was once a time when gambling and tattoos were considered to be taboo. Now, both are arguably more popular than ever. So, it should come as no surprise that the two can oftentimes go hand in hand.

Whether it be about poker, slot machines, or Las Vegas, there is a lot of cool gambling-related ink. Read on to find out which eight tattoos made the cut of the best gambling tattoos you could ever hope to see.

The Coolest Gambling Tattoos Out There

What’s life without a bit of a gamble here and there? As tattoos grow in popularity, more and more people are deciding to take ink to skin to show their love of gambling. When that happens, some pretty epic tattoos come as a result.

“Welcome to Las Vegas”

What better way to commemorate your gambling side than with a tattoo of the mecca itself? For decades, Las Vegas has been The Promised Land for gamblers of all backgrounds. The sound of the cards being dealt, the feeling of casino chips between your fingers, and the sounds of slot machines going off. Is there anything like it?

This epic tattoo brings the bright lights and colors of Las Vegas to life. Featuring the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign and the infamous Ace of Spades, everything you could need to know about Vegas has been captured in this singular piece of art.

“Life’s a Gamble”

Some gamblers have life sayings that they live by. One of the most prominent, featured in this beautiful tattoo, is “life’s a gamble.” Everyone takes inherent risks each day even doing the most mundane of tasks. The next day is not guaranteed.

This tattoo, featuring four aces and a pair of dice, is relatively simple but to the point. The cursive font makes it feel a bit elegant as well. Though not as elaborate as some of the others on the list, this tattoo shows that the thrill of gambling doesn’t always have to come at a poker or roulette table.

Ace up the Sleeve

Without a doubt the simplest tattoo on the list, it is also one of the most symbolic. Gambling phrases have permeated life and there may be no more famous one than having “an ace up the sleeve.” It means having an answer to the problem no matter how great the problem may be.

The Ace of Spades is no doubt the most famous of the vaunted cards, making it a popular choice for this style of tattoo. Work around the wrist or forearm, it can be worn with rolled-up sleeves to make the message clear to anyone. Plus, it can be reassuring to always have an ace up your sleeve – literally.

King and Queen

We have all seen a million different tattoos related to playing cards. Most of the time, the tattoo depicts the entire card, generally with an ace of some sort printed on it. This takes getting a card tattoo to a whole other level, however.

The cool thing about this tattoo is that it can have romantic leanings as well. Partners could get the king and queen of hearts, respectively, symbolizing a love for cards while also sharing with the world a love for one another. It’s an awesome gambling tattoo that can feel and look like so much more.

Lucky 7’

Slots are arguably the most famous and popular of the casino games. Though they have evolved to become these elaborate, often themed games, slots had a simple beginning. Many slot machines played decades ago featured the number 7 as players attempted to put two or three in a row.

The classic slot symbols speak to gamblers as a reminder of simpler times in gambling. It is also a reminder that one pull of the lever or push of the button can result in a big win. The only thing cooler is if the ink could somehow cascade like the reels it depicts.

Simple is Better

While there are plenty of cool, elaborate tattoos on the list, not everyone wants that. For starters, getting a large tattoo can be quite expensive. Then there is the whole matter of pain tolerance because larger tattoos take a lot of time and work.

For those who want to show their gambler off, this is the simplest and easiest solution. Your favorite card and suit can go virtually anywhere, a small and subtle show of affection for your gambling side. Even better, there’s room to add as you see fit.

Lucky 13

Gamblers are notoriously superstitious. Even Hollywood, through the legendary film Rounders, has shown us that even the most serious players can believe that their luck ebbs and flows with those superstitions. Among the most common “lucky” themes is the number 13.

This killer tattoo, featuring the vibrantly colored 13 and a quartet of aces, brings that luck to life. Though there are some more skillful tattoos on the list, this one is a bit lighter and more fun. Besides, there’s nothing like having Lucky 13 with you anywhere that you go.

The Gambling Essentials

Many tattoos with gambling themes resemble a lot of the same things. Every once in a while, however, one stands out simply because of the sheer quality of the artwork. This is definitely one of those tattoos, bringing to life all the essential tools of the gambler.

Poker chips, billiard balls, a roulette wheel, dice, chips, a fat stack of cash, and a Royal Flush combine to create an epic mural of gambling. Most seasoned gamblers have experience with several, if not all, of the items shown here, making it the perfect choice of ink.


There are no doubt hundreds, if not thousands, more gambling tattoos out there. As more stories are told, there will no doubt be more tattoos to follow. Whether it commemorates a memorable night or an unforgettable story, it can live with you for the rest of your days in an unmatched piece of art. 

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