Oakland A’s Move In, Tropicana Las Vegas Shuts Down

What was once a staple of the Las Vegas gambling scene is now closing its doors for good. After 67 years of business, the third-oldest casino on the Las Vegas Strip – the Tropicana Las Vegas – is closing to make way for a new baseball stadium for the MLB’s Oakland Athletics.

Times change whether we like it or not. Las Vegas has seen a shift in the audience that it caters to in recent years and now, it will see another major shift to the famed Strip. The Tropicana Las Vegas is shuttering its doors after 67 years in business. 

Those seeking the thrill of casino gaming will have to go elsewhere or look to an online casino instead. The Tropicana, in the heart of a city with a reputation for reinventing itself, couldn’t find a way to keep its place amidst the megaresorts surrounding it.

Tiffany of the Strip

After welcoming guests for 67 years, the Tropicana Las Vegas casino's final  day has arrived

When it was initially opened back on April 4, 1957, the Tropicana was perhaps the most lavish and certainly the most expensive casino that had been built on the Strip. With more than 12,000 people in attendance that day, it was certainly received well.

It earned the nickname “Tiffany of the Strip,” offering 300 rooms across three stories. The “Y” structure was unique to itself as well. The massive fountain, leading to an entrance with flags from a variety of different countries, made guests feel welcome.

A Darker Side

Though it opened with glitz and glamor, not everything was bright and sunny at the Tropicana. Even from the beginning, it had ties to the mob, mostly through the infamous Frank Costello. Costello was nearly taken out mere weeks after the Tropicana opened, leading to a shift in ownership and a reduced role for the famous mobster.

Leading into the 1970s, authorities would nab over a dozen different mob figures for skimming from the gambling revenue. That might have hurt other destinations, but it seemed to help the Tropicana. It doesn’t hurt that the legendary “Godfather” movie was filmed in part there.

A celebrity crew featuring the Rat Pack (Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra), Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor, and others kept eyes on what was immediately one of the hottest spots in Vegas. The Tropicana had its ups and downs throughout the decades but largely stood as a staple of one of the most famous destinations in the world. Now, it will be torn down to make way for a new baseball stadium for the incoming Oakland Athletics.


Though there are other places in Vegas, especially on the famous Strip, to play, it won’t quite be the same. It’s not as though residents have to settle for a live casino but those who remember the decades of the Tropicana being a staple will no doubt feel as though a piece of the desert is missing.

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