DraftKings and Kindbridge Behavioral Health Join Forces

Though online gambling has grown exponentially in recent years, there are inherent concerns. Chief among them is problem gambling. DraftKings, a leader in online casino gaming and sports betting has taken the necessary steps to help curb the problem by joining up with Kindbridge Behavioral Health.
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DraftKings, as one of the leaders in the online casino and sports betting community, has taken an important step to address concerns about problem gambling in the online space. 

The renowned sportsbook and online casino has joined forces with Kindbridge Behavioral Health, a company based out of Boston. The goal is to provide treatment and therapy as it relates to problem gambling in all iGaming and operational sports betting markets.

Kindbridge Creating a Strong List of Partners

Though the focus from outsiders may be on making sports bets and playing online slots, the focus from inside DraftKings is much more serious. This partnership is one that will benefit iGaming, as a whole.

Kindbridge has already done a great job of putting together a group of partners that shows how serious it is about its mission. Currently, Kindbridge also has partnerships with brands like US Integrity and BetMGM, among others. The deal with the former came last November as the two work jointly with ProhiBet. The goal is to provide mental health support for athletes, particularly those who struggle with gambling-related issues.

A Big Move for DraftKings

Kindbridge Behavioral Health - DraftKings and Kindbridge Research Institute  Advance Veterans-Focused Responsible Gaming Research

As one of the top names in the online sports betting and iGaming realm, DraftKings faces constant scrutiny. Making the move to join up with Kindbridge is one that shows that they are serious about battling the problem gambling issue.

“We appreciate the opportunity to deepen our collaboration with Kindbridge Behavioral Health and strengthen our commitment to providing important resources to those experiencing potential indications of problem gambling,” said Jennifer Aguiar, DraftKings Chief Compliance Officer. “We want everyone on our platform to engage in responsible play and we are committed to educating consumers on the multitude of resources offered.”

“For those who recognize signs of problem gaming and decide to utilize our tools to self-exclude, they now have access to therapy and treatment free of cost through Kindbridge Behavioral Health.”

These resources will be available for users in 25 states where DraftKings operates. The two sides have actually combined once before, launching a pilot program in Colorado back in 2023. This is more an expansion of the previous agreement than anything.


While the problem will never be entirely solved, it is important that DraftKings take the necessary steps to help curtail the issue. Joining up with Kindbridge Behavioral Health, an important program will be put in place to help those in need. In the end, it is a strong effort to keep online gambling and sports betting fun and recreational, as it was meant to be.

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