U.S. Casinos Rake in More than $66B in 2023

Though there is a plethora of economic uncertainty out there, Americans aren’t showing any fear. It was reported recently that America’s commercial casinos won a record $66.5 billion, the best year the industry has ever had.
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We live in an age of uncertainty. There are economic factors at play right now that have millions wondering what the next move will be. That said, commercial casinos are not struggling in any way, setting records for winnings in 2023.

Despite the prevalence of online casino games, brick-and-mortar casinos continue to thrive. According to the National Trade Association, American casinos raked in more than $66 billion in winnings in 2023, its best ever showing.

Record Winnings

Though online casinos are continuing to gain momentum, commercial casinos are doing better than ever in the United States. In a report from the National Trade Association, it was reported that American commercial casinos won a record $66.5 billion.

The American Gaming Association reported that the total was roughly 10 percent higher than 2022. Last year was also record setting as Americans continue to try their hand at casino games. When numbers from all sources get added to the mix later, that number is expected to go up to roughly $110 billion.

Battling Economic Downturn

U.S. Set Gambling Record In 2022 With More Than $54.9 Billion In Revenue

The most interesting part about these record numbers is the current economic climate. Inflation is at a record high and this has limited people’s spending money. Yet even still, Americans are finding money to take to the casino.

“From the traditional casino experience to online options, American adults’ demand for gaming is at an all-time high,” said the American Gaming Association’s President and CEO Bill Miller through a statement. “Inflation began to cool, consumers began to spend and the (U.S. Federal Reserve) held rates steady,” he added.

A Record End to the Year

Even in the face of traditional factors like holiday spending and costs associated with that time of year, gamblers continued to lay down their money. Casinos in the United States won $6.2 billion in December and an incredible $17.4 billion in Q4 2023, both of which are now records.


Though many online casinos are implementing the live casino experience, the numbers show that there is nothing quite like getting out to a casino. The lights, the sounds, and the ambiance are unique and present a specialized entertainment experience. The patrons clearly agree with the sentiment given the record winnings being earned by U.S. commercial casinos.

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