$1 Million Wager on Super Bowl 58 Lost

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest betting days of the year. It is a chance to not only wager on the winner, but the litany of different prop bets as well. One bettor, however, is kicking things up a notch by wagering $1 million on the San Francisco 49ers to be crowned Super Bowl Champions.

As one of the biggest sports betting days of the year, the Super Bowl garners a lot of attention. Unlike wagering at a casino throughout the year, placing a huge bet on the Super Bowl is bound to garner a bit of attention.

There were some large bets on the big game this year, but there is one that stands out from the rest. One gambler went all-in on the San Fransisco 49ers to walk away with the Lombardi Trophy. How big? Try $1 million dollars.

The Million-Dollar Bet

Super Bowl LVIII | Allegiant Stadium

Before we talk about the other major bets happening, it is hard to focus on anything other than the biggest wager of all. Imagine that you are playing online slots, but your next wager has a cool seven figures attached to it.

That is the kind of pressure that one bettor was feeling before the big game. That bettor in Michigan placed a $1 million wager on the 49ers to win. That bettor was given -120 odds at Caesars Sportsbook. A win would have brought an additional $833,333.33 back, bringing the grand total to $1,833,333.33. However, as well know now, that bet lost.

Other Big Bettors

The Countdown Is On: Super Bowl LVIII officially lands in Las Vegas

Though that one bettor felt strongly about the 49ers, a lot of the money – both for money line and points spread – was on the Chiefs. One such better, who made the wager at FanDuel Sportsbook, put $200,000 on the Chiefs to win outright (+100).

There was a large volume of money bet on the defending Super Bowl champions in the last week leading up to the Super Bowl. Bettors had no doubts about the Chiefs after they went into Buffalo and Baltimore, ultimately leaving victorious. One bettor at BetMGM managed to swing the odds a bit. He put $30,000 on the Chiefs to win. The odds then shifted from +500 to +380. Another bettor got in at +500 odds on a wager of $100,000.

The Line Movement 

One of the most discussed aspects of the past week before the Super Bowl was the movement of the line. The 49ers opened as 3.5-point favorites. That number then crept down to around one point, depending on the sportsbook. It then settled at two points in favor of the NFC Champion.


The big bet was ultimately a loser and that gambler will walk away with nothing. That is the risk that you take when you put it all on the line.

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