Why Return to Player Percentage is Important for Online Slots

There is nothing like pulling the virtual lever and being able to enjoy the sounds and ambiance of online slots. If you are planning on trying new slots, then you need to know about RTP or return to player. It is more important than you may realize and a critical aspect of choosing online casino slots.
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When it comes to online casino games, the undisputed king is online slots. With thousands of titles to choose from, there is a little something for everyone. Whether you like themes featuring television shows, movies, or classic slot titles, the best online casinos have options for everyone.

One part of playing online slots that some people overlook is the return to player percentage. This is a crucial number that is important to understand.

What is RTP?

Short for “return to player,” RTP generally applies to online slots but can apply to other games. This percentage is a mathematical statistic that applies to casino games describing how much money the game in question pays back over a large number of pulls.

For the most part, online slots will have an RTP percentage somewhere between 94% and 99%. This applies to long-term playing, so a few hundred spins will turn up unpredictable results. RTP applies over thousands and thousands of spins, predicting how much a player will get back over that period.

What is Volatility?

When referring to variance or volatility, it indicates the amount of risk of playing on that slot. Slots that have lower volatility don’t pay out as much but do deliver more consistent wins. Higher volatility slots can provide the home run play but a lot of strikeouts in the meantime.

Why RTP is Critical

Now that we know what RTP is, it helps to know why it is an important factor when choosing an online casino. Don’t make a mistake in assuming that you will automatically get that number back over a limited number of spins. It is based on the game’s lifetime, so payouts can be slow one day and high another.

RTP is particularly important for large-volume players. Those who are going through thousands of spins in a month would stand to benefit more from an online casino that provides higher RTP rates. It is a fantastic long-term strategy and can also help improve the chances of winning even with a modest bankroll at your disposal.

Using RTP Slot Strategies

Whenever playing online casino games, it is a good idea to employ a strategy. Finding a good mix of RTP and volatility can provide a much stronger chance of winning. With a limited bankroll, players should choose games that have a lower volatility and higher RTP rate. As your bankroll increases, the volatility can increase to provide a better chance at a huge win.

In general, aim for slots that have a higher RTP rate. It cuts down on the house edge – how much the house takes with each spin – while also increasing the expected payouts over a wide range of spins. It is a good idea to avoid slots that have less than a 96% RTP. These are the more volatile games and will sap your bankroll if you are just starting out.


RTP isn’t the most complicated metric in the world but it can be confusing to newcomers. While it is important to focus on bonuses and promotions, choosing slots with great RTP percentages can wind up being the best long-term play. If you want to win real money, you should pay attention to the RTP.

Do your homework and check out the RTP rate for slots you are interested in. And remember that the number does not apply over a limited number of pulls. In the end, it can wind up providing consistent entertainment and a chance to pull off a big win without taking excessive losses in the process.

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