Crazy Coin Flip Slot Introduced in New Jersey 

There is a new slot game that players in New Jersey may have heard about. It’s called the Crazy Coin Flip and it offers a new gambling experience to players in the state.

New Jersey has earned a reputation for being one of the premier destinations for online slots in the United States. As one of the earliest adopters of legalized online gambling, it remains a jurisdiction where many online gambling providers are clamouring to get their products to customers. That is exactly what Evolution Gaming has done by introducing Crazy Coin Flip slot machine game to the state. 

What is the Crazy Coin Flip Slot Game? 

This is a fun slot machine game where you can win real money and enjoy several bonuses and multipliers to help increase your winnings. There are multiple layers of bonuses and rewards that a player can accumulate in the course of the game. It is far beyond a simple spin-and-win game where your winnings are determined only by lining up simple symbols. There are far more layers to this game, and that keeps it exciting for players. 

What are the Stages of the Crazy Coin Flip Slot Game? 

There are various stages of the Crazy Coin Flip slot machine game that players will enjoy. The three stages of this game include: 

  • Qualifying slot
  • Against-the-clock-top-up slot
  • A live coin flip bonus round 

Each of these stages is critically important to the game and contributes to the chances that the player will win a bigger payout based on their selections along the way. 

When Did the Crazy Coin Flip Slot Game Go Live in New Jersey?

The Crazy Coin Flip slot game debuted in New Jersey as of early December 2023 and is now available for live play for New Jersey players. The company behind it, Evolution Gaming announced that it would be making this game available in the United States, and just a couple of weeks later it fulfilled that promise. 

What is the Appeal of the Crazy Coin Flip Slot Game?

The Crazy Coin Flip slot machine game is said to appeal to those who like elements of a traditional slot machine game as well as those who like the live dealer experience. It takes elements from both forms of gambling and combines them into a memorable and heart-pounding experience for all players. There are several rounds of bonuses and potential multipliers for a player to win if they hit the right combination of symbols during their spin. That can help to keep things interesting and exciting for several minutes per spin. 

Optional Modes for Increased Bonuses

Why not go for a major win when playing the Crazy Coin Flip slot machine game? You can choose from three modes before you make your first bet. Those modes are: 

  • Normal – regular odds and bonuses
  • XXXtreme – 5x base wager, a guarantee of at least one bonus symbol per spin
  • Super XXXtreme – 50x base wager, a guarantee of at least two bonus symbols per spin

When you ramp up your bets with those higher modes, you also increase your chances of hitting a bonus. Explore it for yourself with one of the most exciting slot machine games in New Jersey.

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