Which is Better: Online or Land-Based Casinos?

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With online casinos making a big splash over the last couple of decades, the question has been posed if it is actually better than its land-based predecessor, or if it is just simply more accessible.

There are many reasons why users will choose to gamble at a specific place or site, and we have looked at all of them! Here are the pros and cons for each type of casino to see if we can figure out which one comes out on top.

Online Casino – Pros


      • No queues – Being able to log in and select games from a vast portfolio means that you can play almost any style of game whenever you want. You don’t have to wait your turn for a seat at any table. Just log in and immediately place your bets.

      • Play anywhere – Another big positive for online gaming platform is the ability to play on the go. You can download the mobile app, sit on your couch, or play as you are travelling somewhere. Your gaming experience is not confined to a specific space, so you have to freedom to play your favourite game anywhere.

      • Bonuses and loyalty schemes – Most online casinos offer a Welcome Package among many other promotions than run regularly throughout each month. Regular users can receive free spins, bonus money and the chance to win big prizes.

    Online Casino – Cons


        • Bad internet connection – A bad connection could potentially hold you back from experiencing games to their full potential. Some games may lag if you are not near to a router, as long as you have no connectivity problems, then you are good to go!

        • Lack of atmosphere – One drawback to playing online is the lack of ability to socialise on a casino floor. Many crave the experience and excitement of playing with a croupier in person, however many live hosts are available throughout online games these days.

        • Verification checks and withdrawal delays – If you do not send over all of your identification documents as soon as you sign up, you might have some withdrawal delays. This is implemented for player protection, so make sure you get your verification check sorted to ensure you payouts are quick!

      Land-based Casino – Pros


          • Experience of being there – The energy and excitement of being able to touch a slot machine or roulette table is why many people are drawn to land-based casinos in the first place. So this is a big plus for many frequent visitors of casinos.

          • Immediate payouts – If you’re lucky enough to win, big or small, on one of the games at a land-based casino, you can generally receive your payout straight away. You don’t have to wait any length of time for payments to clear.

          • Deals for regulars – If you live local to a casino, and you regularly attend and gamble, then you may be eligible to get deals on rooms or amenities that are available at the establishment.

        Land-based Casino – Cons


            • Expensive – One of the main drawbacks of land-based casinos is that you may have to travel to get there and potentially spend additional money on your hotel stay. Some people have a local casino, however for those who want a specific game or experience, you may have to shell out for all of the extras which can get rather pricey.

            • Busy at peak times – If you are attending a casino during peak times then a games table, a virtual race or your favourite slot machine might be occupied for a long while, meaning you have to wait for your turn.

            • Socialising – This one may seem out of place, but if you are a person who is not fond of loud noises or being surrounded by a lot of people, an online casino might be the better choice for you!


          Really when it comes down to which is better, it is about your personal preference.

          If you like the comfort of your own home and not having to wait for a game you want to play, then an online casino might be the option for you. But if you like the experience of travelling to an exciting destination and feeling the excitement in the atmosphere, then land-based it is.

          Or you could always choose option three, which is to use both!

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          Melanie Andres is a Content Editor at Mansion, following six years writing freelance entertainment articles and blogs.

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