Kavouras Betting System: How it Works

As exciting as getting involved with betting is, the entire foundation operates on one undeniable basis: chance. While we may try to convince ourselves otherwise, every betting system in every truly random game is more like a specific way to play than it is a guaranteed method of winning. To this end, any person or system that claims it can lay down a path to success will always be misleading.

The Kavouras betting system, like all others, may be interesting, but it’s still not a license to print money. What it can be instead is an interesting way to approach the game, and a nice way to try something new. Just don’t expect it to guide you to the land of the ever-impartial lady luck.

What is the Kavouras Betting System?

Based on the game of roulette, the Kavouras betting system is more modern than most famous roulette strategies. Invented by a man known simply as Kavouras, the first records of the Kavouras betting system were first published in 2010. His approach to roulette revolved around the idea that the more numbers you cover, the greater your odds of winning.

As for putting the system in action, there’s a little to remember, but the tactics don’t change. No matter what happens, the player is placing the same bet in the same places. In other words, once you know how to play a single round with the Kavouras system, you know how to play them all.

According to the Kavouras’ system, bets should be placed according to the following rules:

  • Split: Five one-unit bets need to be placed on the splits 8/11, 13/14, 15/18, 17/20, and 27/30
  • Corner: One unit needs to be placed on the corner of each of the numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3
  • Six Line: Two units need to be placed on the six-line which covers the numbers 31-36

Note that the size of each betting unit depends on the player. It can be the minimum bet if you like, or higher if you prefer to put more money down. Regardless, you’ll end up spending eight units in total. As a result of how the payouts are given for these numbers, wins can result in profit or one, four, or ten units.

For example: If each betting unit was equal to $1, then a win would claim a profit of $1, $4, or $10. If a unit was equal to $2, profits on wins would equal $2, $8, or $20. As with the rest of roulette, failure to land on one of your numbers would incur a total loss of all betting units.

Flaws within the System

The major caveat with the Kavouras system is that, like in all other betting games, the player will never have an edge over the house. While lucky players may be able to take home big wins, the laws of averages will always eventually win out.

Adding to this is the fact that when you lose with the Kavouras system, you don’t lose just one unit, you lose eight. If your units are worth more than small amounts, you could quickly burn through your bank.

Finally, even players who do manage to win with the Kavouras system will often not make a big margin on their initial bet. A profit of one or four units isn’t even enough to place another full bet, and even a full ten-unit win isn’t much compared to what roulette can offer at the highest end.

The Importance of Playing Safely

Whether you choose to adopt the Kavouras system, the Martingale system, or any other betting strategy, the best idea is to put your safety first. Like with other classic table games, it’s easy to get caught up in the thrills of gambling, but gambling comes with more inherent risk than most other hobbies.

Understand this, and know your limits, and you’ll be far better equipped to get the most from what betting has to offer. Common tips recommended by veteran gamblers include:

  • Placing limits on your daily and weekly bankrolls
  • Using online safety systems when available
  • Take a break every hour to stretch your legs and keep your mind active
  • Never playing when you’re not in the right mental state

These tips may be simple, but they’re effective approaches to protecting you and ensuring the most from your betting experience. Remember that there are resources out there to help you when you need it. There’s no shame in seeking aid, and some of the smartest and best-accomplished people in history have needed help with gambling issues. Organisations like this are proven effective, and discrete, and can make the difference to help players get their habits under control.

Stephen Tabone is a prolific author of books that analyse how casino-goers can profit from randomness. The London-born betting strategist has honed his expertise in number combinations and patterns for nearly 30 years, creating rule-based systems that reduce risk and raise long-term profits. His acclaimed Baccarat and Roulette books include the ‘The Ultimate Golden Secret Baccarat Winning Strategy’, ‘The Clockwork Betting System’, ‘The Ultimate Silver Bullet Proof Baccarat Winning Strategy’, and ‘The Martingale-Tabone Fusion Betting System’, among others. His other interests are in similarly high-stakes fields such as political analysis, investment and stock trading.

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