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Baccarat might have a slight learning curve over other titles, but once you figure out the rules, it’s also one of the most rewarding games to play. To help new players with the specifics, following on from our general guide, we created this glossary of the most important terms. If you’re getting started and need a helping hand then look no further, this page will have you covered.

Baccarat – The worst hand a player can have, where baccarat means zero.

Banco – The Spanish word for the banker.

Banker Bet – One of the three baccarat betting options.

Banque – A type of baccarat often featured in American casinos.

Bankroll – A term used in many casino games to indicate a player’s total playable money.

Burning – The act of discarding the top 3-6 cards after a shuffle.

Caller – A member of the casino staff who calls out points, turns the cards and deals additional cards once the game has begun.

Carte – A way to request another card from the dealer.

Chemin De Fer – Often played in European casinos, this more complicated version of baccarat is also called Baccarat en Banque.

Commission – The cut that the house takes on winning bets.

Coup – One baccarat round.

Chevel – Bet that is placed by two players.

Croupier – The French word for a dealer.

Cut – The act of dividing a deck in half after shuffling.

Dealer – Responsible for drawing and dealing the initial cards.

Discard Tray – The area where burned cards are stored.

Down Card – A hole card or one which is currently facing down.

Face Cards – Cards in the Jack to King range.

Flat Bet – A flat bet is when a player maintains the same bet no matter the outcome.

Hand – Cards dealt and played within a baccarat round.

High Roller – High rollers are players who bet with large sums of money. Baccarat is a popular target for high roller players thanks to its fast play and relatively generous odds.

House Edge – The statistical advantage that a casino has on a bet.

Ladderman – A casino employee who supervises the game alongside the dealer and the caller.

La Grande – Italian for The Big. The best hand possible in baccarat which features a natural nine.

La Petite – Italian for The Small. The second-best possible hand in baccarat which features a natural eight.

Loss Bet – A wager against the bank. The higher house edge on a loss bet is where the name is derived.

Mini-Baccarat – One of the most widespread forms of modern baccarat which is popular in America. This version of baccarat is smaller than the regular game and can host seven players at the same time.

Monkey – Common slang which refers to either a ten or a face card.

Muck – The 416 total cards that are used in a game of baccarat. This number comes from the eight decks of 52 cards which are shuffled together.

Natural – Natural refers to both La Grande and La Petite, or when the first two cards in a hand equal either an eight or a nine.

Palette – The stick used by the croupier to move cards around the table. Used because baccarat tables tend to be larger than typical casino game tables, so reaching around is difficult otherwise.

Pass – Another term for winning a game of baccarat.

Pit – A special area reserved for high rollers.

Punter – Punter is another name for a player. Used in many casino games outside of baccarat, including blackjack and roulette.

Punto Banco – The original Spanish name for modern baccarat. This originated from the Argentinian casinos of Mar del Plata.

Push – A bet that does not win or lose. Depending on the table, this might be counted as a tie, or it could let punter bets carry over to the next round.

Railroad – Another name for Chemin de Fer, a variation on baccarat.

RNG – Stands for random number generator. This is the system that online casinos use to emulate physical card odds and play.

Run – Side bet that allows the wagering on a series of successive hands.

Shoe – The machine in a casino that deals cards. Used because it’s much faster than humans, and produces a lower risk of error.

Shooter – Another term for the banker.

Shuffle Up – When cards are shuffled by the croupier and placed in the shoe.

Standoff – A standoff occurs when the bank and player have the same total card value, resulting in a tie.

Tie – A tie results when both the banker and player have the same value hands. When this occurs, both the banker and the dealer have their bets returned.

Up Card – Cards that are dealt face-up, so everyone can see their value.

VIP – Another term used for a high roller. Stands for a ‘Very Important Person’.


Did you know?

The very first time that James Bond won a bet onscreen was on baccarat. Taking place in 1962’s Dr No, this scene also marked the first time that Bond used his famous self-introduction.

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