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It’s hard to believe that less than 20 years ago both Twitter and Facebook did not exist. Today, these teenage social media behemoths are the conduit via which the world communicates. The days of printed press are almost over and the singular authority of the television news anchor is long gone.

According to the latest statistics, more than 63% of the planet’s total eligible population now connect to social media networks. The average daily individual consumption of social media online is a staggering two hours and 24 minutes.

Here to Stay

Social media is here to stay and businesses know it. Online gaming has always been at the forefront of innovation. Online payment processing, marketing, and security have all been created, developed, and advanced by the demands of this industry.

Today, social media is an important part of the online casino marketing mix; a valuable way for customers to connect with a brand. It’s a platform that allows personality to shine through and a relationship to develop.

Latest Offers

The Facebook page has more than 6,000 followers. It’s a lively forum where customers can make their feelings known. It’s also a great place to find out about the latest online slots and catch a special offer or an exclusive online deal.

At the time of writing, the latest offers on the Facebook page include free spins on the Toltec Treasure online slots and the chance to hit a Gold Car, playing live blackjack, that will double your bet. T&Cs apply.

You can also track the latest offers and interact with via the online casino’s Twitter account. Follow now, for news about recently launched games, Happy Hour alerts, online quizzes, and much more.

Tools of the Trade

Social media is fantastic marketing tool for any business. It’s free to use and can help a brand develop a relationship with its customers. However, there have been some classic howlers over the years. It’s been a long day, the night is late, and the social media expert is tired and emotional. One careless tweet later and the company’s share value drops by 20 per cent.

Remember when home appliance manufacturers Miele celebrated International Women’s Day with a picture of four women sat on a washing machine? Or the time that pizza restaurant Ledo Pizza made a flag out of pepperoni and olives to commemorate 9/11? Ouch!

Tweet Carefully

A spokesperson said: “Social media is just one of many tools at our disposal. Used effectively, it can be a real asset.

We aim to keep our social media output informative, fun and helpful. We leave opinion to the individuals. If you want to find out the latest bonuses, or find out what’s new online, please follow us on either Twitter or Facebook. We would love to see you there.”

What are you waiting for? Join the conversation today with Connect with their social media accounts and make your voice heard. It’s a great way to lobby for change, suggest new ideas, and stay up to date with the latest news. See you online!

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