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Top Features

  • Cash Out
  • Live Chat
  • Mobile App
  • Same Game / Race Multi
  • Easy to use Website
  • Same Game / Race Multi Bets
  • Mobile App for Apple and Android
  • No Live Betting
  • Live Streaming isn’t possible
  • Phone support not available
  • Average Racing Odds

Sterling Parker Review

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By:Matt Abrahams

The Australian betting landscape is continually evolving and Sterling Parker is another recent addition. This comprehensive Sterling Parker review aims to deliver a thorough assessment of their website & app, including an overview of their strengths, weaknesses, available features, racing coverage and additional aspects.

Sterling Parker Profile

Website: G.J Engellener & N Engellener
Year founded: 2023License & regulation: Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission and Victorian Bookmakers’ Association
Live betting number: N/ASponsorship Deals: N/A
Address/Headquarters: Eltham, VictoriaContact information/Support:
Deposit Methods: Debit CardWithdrawal Methods: Bank Transfer
Features: Mobile App, Live Chat, Cash Out, Same Game, Multi, Same Race MultiApps Devices: Apple and Android
Odds Providers: Sterling ParkerOwner: G.J Engellener & N Engellener

Sterling Parker Strengths and Weaknesses

In a time when online betting is on the rise and access to such gambling sites is becoming increasingly widespread. I think it’s vital to conduct a thorough assessment of a betting site's pros and cons. Here’s a look at how this betting site is shaping up at the moment in terms of strengths and weaknesses.

Sterling Parker Strengths 

  • User Friendly Website - In my experience with this bookie, I felt the website was extremely user-friendly as I could easily find upcoming markets, for example. As a result, I believe this will help me get my bets on quickly.  
  • Easy to use Mobile App - Along the same lines as the website, the mobile app was also excellent to use on a mobile device. So again, I feel I can easily bet on the go and not have any issues.
  • Bet with Same Game / Race Multi - A unique feature at this bookmaker is Same Game / Race Multi. This allows me to build custom bets and I feel this improves the overall betting experience.

Sterling Parker Weaknesses 

  • Live Streaming Not Available - I found that this bookie doesn’t offer live streaming of sports or racing. So I have to source another website if I want to watch my bet live.
  • No Live Betting Odds - It’s currently not possible to bet live or view live betting odds. As a result, I can’t take advantage of the many benefits of live betting, such as fluctuating odds.
  • No Phone Number - At Sterling Parker bookmaker, I found they don’t offer a phone number for support. If you prefer this type of contact method, then you’ll be disappointed. However, the live chat service makes up for the lack of phone support, in my opinion.

In summary, Sterling Parker Australia shows some promise with such pros that include a user-friendly website, an easy-to-use mobile app and the option to bet with Same Game / Race Multi. While they don’t offer the most advanced betting experience at the moment, they’ve made a good start, in my opinion.

On the downside, the site lacks live streaming features, live betting odds and does not provide a phone number for customer support. But I’m sure they can improve these areas of their service as they grow and build in the future.

Sterling Parker Review by Matt Abrahams

terling Parker has a good range of racing betting options, offering some important features that I think empower users when making informed bets on upcoming races. This comprehensive toolkit includes market mover insights, a wide array of bet types, price fluctuations, insights and more. They also provide an extensive selection of betting markets for both Australian races and international meetings. Along with same race multi available for selected races. However, it's worth noting that Sterling Parker Australia does not currently offer live streaming of races, which is a major drawback for me.

I also found that they boast an extensive range of sports betting markets, accessible via both their desktop website and mobile app. Features like same game multi for popular sports enhance the user experience, in my opinion. Betting odds align closely with industry standards in the Australian betting scene. But it’s important to note that I can’t bet live or watch live sports, so they are lacking in this area.

In terms of banking options, they focus on the basics at the moment and I can’t be too critical of a new betting site. Depositing funds is a seamless process with the instant method of debit card and the minimum amount is quite low. Withdrawals are efficiently processed within a few days to an Australian bank account.

I feel Sterling Parker places a strong emphasis on customer support, evident in their easily accessible live chat option and a user-friendly contact form. The availability of these support avenues inspires confidence that they are well-prepared to assist me when I need it.

Betting on the mobile app delivered an enjoyable experience, in my opinion. I found that the app is highly responsive, making it effortless to place bets. Its intuitive navigation system ensures that finding upcoming events is a swift process. in my opinion, offers a decent betting experience at the moment. Considering they are quite new to the Australian market, it’s important to take this into consideration when comparing them to the more established sports betting sites. But at this stage, I think they’ve made a good start and can be suitable as a secondary betting site.

Sterling Parker Score

Betting Variety ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

I found a good selection of racing and sports betting markets, highlighted by same game / race multi.

Banking Options ⭐⭐⭐

While they could benefit from expanding their selection of banking options, I find their current offerings to be sufficient for my needs.

Mobile Experience ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

I observed that the app had a high level of user-friendliness and provided a straightforward navigation experience.

Payout Speed ⭐⭐⭐

With only bank transfer available as the withdrawal method, it's important to anticipate that processing time may span several business days.

Security ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

The website is secured with SSL encryption and offers helpful links to a variety of responsible gambling features.

Betting Experience ⭐⭐⭐

In general, I believe that the betting experience at this bookmaker is quite favourable, especially considering their status as a newcomer in the industry.

Customer Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I won't be overly critical of their absence of a phone number, as their Live Chat feature greatly enhances their customer support capabilities.

Sterling Parker Racing

In my perspective, horse racing holds a crucial position within Australian online betting platforms, considering the sport's extensive following down under. In this section of the Sterling Parker review, I will delve into the platform's interface, its operational aspects and an analysis of the competitive odds it offers.

Racing Interface

Sterling Parker Racing's interface is well-crafted that caters to the needs of racing enthusiasts, in my opinion. It offers an intuitive and user-friendly design, making it easy for users like myself to navigate through a plethora of racing events. The platform provides comprehensive information on upcoming races and contains a number of Sterling Parker bet types. 

There are also some advanced features such as ‘Race Insights’. These show below selected runners and offer a quick insight into the runner, such as “Last Start Winner” or “Track Specialist”. I feel this offers a good advantage for users who don’t have time to look at form guides or perform pre-race research.

On the downside, Sterling Parker Racing does not provide form guides or live streaming features. Despite these limitations, the interface still aims to offer a user-friendly platform for racing enthusiasts, focusing on ease of navigation and access to basic racing information.

Racing Odds

In terms of racing odds, they don’t perform overly well in this area, unfortunately. I observed that their odds are usually lower than the competition in most races.

Sterling Parker Best Sports Features

After discussing the racing features at Sterling Parker bookmaker, it’s also important to review the best sports features. Beyond the odds and markets, I think that the betting features offered by a bookmaker are instrumental in elevating the journey. These features can enhance not only the enjoyment but also the profitability of my bets, in my opinion. Let’s look at the best features that they have to offer.

Sterling Parker Same Game / Race Multi

A relatively new entrant in the betting landscape is the Same Game Multi feature. It basically enables users like myself to construct multi-bets within a single sporting event, such as an AFL or NRL match. I discovered that it's available for a diverse selection of sports, encompassing AFL, NRL, NBA, NFL and various others. 

Meanwhile, it’s also possible to use Same Race Multi for Australian Thoroughbred racing. I found it very easy to follow and understand.

Sterling Parker Live Chat

In my personal experience, live chat stands out as the most convenient method of communication with a bookmaker and this is where they truly shine. In my view, their live chat function is remarkably effective in helping customers resolve any issues.

Sterling Parker Cash Out 

In my review of this bookmaker, I observed that they indeed provide the cash-out option on select markets. This inclusion elevates the degree of control and flexibility in my betting.

Sterling Parker Sports Coverage

With countless options available, one must consider a multitude of factors before settling on their preferred betting site. Among these factors, the quality and comprehensiveness of sports coverage offered by a bookmaker play a pivotal role. Whether you're a fan of the NRL, NBA, Cricket, or any other sporting event, I think that a bookmaker's sports coverage can be the key to unlocking a rewarding and satisfying betting journey.

Sterling Parker AFL

Sterling Parker ensures comprehensive coverage of the AFL, one of Australia's most beloved sporting events. Throughout the season, they provide an extensive array of betting markets for every game, including the finals. In addition to game-specific bets, Sterling Parker Australia also offers future markets, enabling you to bet on outcomes like the AFL Premiership winner, Brownlow Medal and Rising Star awards.

Sterling Parker NRL 

Throughout the winter months, the NRL takes centre stage as a significant betting event, notably during the State of Origin three-game series pitting Queensland against New South Wales. Sterling Parker, your go-to platform for NRL betting, ensures you have access to constantly updated betting markets for all NRL games, offering the option of same-game multi bets. Additionally, they provide future markets, allowing you to place bets on outcomes such as the NRL Premiership winner even before the season kicks off.

Sterling Parker Cricket

With the arrival of the Australian summer, cricket enthusiasts are presented with a plethora of betting opportunities, particularly when international teams come down under. At this betting site, they provide a wide range of betting markets for all types of Cricket. Within their platform, I can immerse myself in a wide variety of cricket events, including renowned tournaments like the Ashes, Big Bash, IPL and many more.

Sterling Parker NBA

When it comes to basketball betting, they deliver a top-notch experience. They offer an extensive selection of markets for every NBA regular season and finals game, including the popular same game multi bet option and a wide array of player props to cater to your betting preferences.

Sterling Parker NFL

The NFL holds a significant place in the hearts of Australians, especially since it coincides with the offseason of the AFL and NRL. With every NFL game, you can expect an extensive array of betting options, ranging from fundamental choices to player props and same game multi bets, providing an array of exciting possibilities for my enjoyment.

Sterling Parker Soccer  

I found they offered plenty of opportunities to bet on Soccer around the globe. They have a wealth of renowned leagues, including the English Premier League and La Liga. Furthermore, A-League is betting available and they offer a comprehensive array of betting markets.

Sterling Parker Tennis

The Australian Open stands as the pinnacle of tennis betting in Australia, marking an annual summer spectacle. Yet, beyond this prestigious event, tennis enthusiasts have the opportunity to bet on various ATP and WTP tournaments that unfold throughout the year.

Sterling Parker Sponsorship Deals

At present, they haven't established any sponsorship agreements; however, this situation may evolve in the future. Instead, they have solidified partnerships with leading Australian racing organisations, including Racing NSW and Racing QLD.

Sterling Parker Betting Markets & Types of Bets Available

Having assessed the sports coverage, my attention now turns to the range of betting markets they provide. At Sterling Parker, I discovered a wide variety of betting markets and bet types available for my selection.

Sterling Parker’s Betting Markets:

  • Head-to-head
  • Line bets
  • Over/under total markets
  • First half markets
  • First scorer
  • Player props
  • Win/place racing markets
  • Racing exotics
  • Same game multi

Sterling Parker’s Types of Bets Available

  • Single bets
  • Multi bets
  • System bets (doubles, trebles etc.)
  • Futures

Sterling Parker Mobile App

Sterling Parker offers a user-friendly mobile app designed for both iOS devices and Android mobile phones. In this section, I will explore its functionality and the features it provides.

To begin with, the Sterling Parker app is readily available on the Apple App Store with other betting apps, easily discoverable by searching for "Sterling Parker." Upon launching the app, the well-crafted homepage presents users with an intuitive interface, allowing for effortless navigation between upcoming betting markets in both racing and sports. 

When it comes to betting markets, the mobile app mirrors the extensive offerings available on the desktop website, encompassing a wide variety of markets in both racing and sports. I also found no limitations when it comes to banking options, as the same deposit and withdrawal methods are seamlessly accessible via the mobile app.

In conclusion, the Sterling Parker mobile app promises a delightful betting experience for racing and sports enthusiasts. Its user interface design reflects considerable thought and effort, ensuring an easy and enjoyable navigation experience, as well as hassle-free bet placement.

Sterling Parker Banking Options

Having a variety of banking options allows users to choose the method that is most convenient for them, whether it's debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, or other payment methods. Let’s look at how this betting site performs.

Deposit Options

  • Debit Card

At this stage, Sterling Parker bookmaker only offers the ability to deposit funds via a debit card. In terms of the competition, this is quite limiting, especially if you’re looking for more options. But in saying that, I usually prefer to use my debit card anyway. It’s generally the fastest way to get started and I feel it’s a secure way to add funds. In the future, I can see them adding more options such as PayPal, but we’ll have to wait and see. The minimum deposit is also quite low at $10, so that’s a positive for punters who don’t want to spend too much, especially at the beginning.

Withdrawal Options

  • Bank Transfer

Along the same lines as depositing, the withdrawal options are limited to a bank transfer. It would be nice to see them offer something else, such as a bookmaker card or PayPal. But once again, the bank transfer is what I consider to be the safest online method of getting access to my funds. They also aim to process the withdrawals within 1-3 days, which is a pretty standard withdrawal time in the industry.

Overall, they’re certainly not the best when it comes to banking options but I wouldn’t say they’re the worst either. The basic options are there and these should suffice the majority of users.

Is Sterling Parker legal in Australia?

In my experience, the legal integrity of our betting site is of paramount importance. At Casino Com Australia, our mission is to evaluate and review exclusively those betting sites that meet stringent criteria for safety, legality and licensing.

Sterling Parker is presently under the jurisdiction of the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission, holding a license that signifies a commitment to ensuring user protection. This affiliation with a regulatory body means that customers have recourse in the event of any concerns or complaints about the bookmaker, as the commission will impartially adjudicate such matters.

I also found that responsible gambling was well-represented on their website. They have a deposit limit feature that allows me to limit how much funds I can process. Meanwhile, they have plenty of links and helpful information surrounding responsible gambling

Sterling Parker Customer Support

In this section, I will delve into the vital aspect of customer support, which I believe is an integral component that can make or break the betting experience.

I have the option to utilise a contact form where I can input my information and compose a message concerning my issue or question. As a result, a Sterling Parker customer support team member will reach out to address my query.

Additionally, they provide a Live Chat feature, which proves to be quite convenient for engaging in rapid discussions with a support team member.

Sterling Parker- How to

How to open an account with Sterling Parker

Registering with this betting site is a quick and uncomplicated procedure, typically requiring only a few minutes. To get started, follow these easy steps:

  • Start by clicking the "Sign Up" button positioned in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Complete the necessary personal information, such as your name, address, and contact details.
  • Upon finishing this step, click 'Create My Account' to conclude the process.
  • You will be automatically logged in at this point.
  • To fully activate your account, account verification will be necessary.
  • Following these steps ensures a seamless and efficient account creation process.

How to place a bet with Sterling Parker

To kickstart your betting journey, simply follow these easy steps:

  • Navigate to the left-hand menu on the homepage to find your desired market for the bet.
  • Select the odds associated with your chosen market, and it will automatically be added to your betslip, located on the right-hand side of your screen.
  • Within the betslip, fill in the empty box with the amount you wish to bet.
  • Your potential winnings, in the event of a successful bet, will be displayed beneath the input box.
  • To confirm your bet, click the 'Confirm' button positioned at the bottom of your betslip, ensuring your account has sufficient funds for the bet.

How to deposit money into your Sterling Parker account

Adding additional funds for your bets is a straightforward process:

  • Go to the "Deposit Funds" option located in the left-hand sidebar.
  • You'll be directed to a page displaying all available deposit methods.
  • Enter your preferred deposit amount and choose 'Add Card and Deposit' to continue.

Frequently asked questions about Sterling Parker

At the moment, Sterling Parker is the trading name of G.J Engellener & N Engellener (partnership). They are located in Victoria, Australia.

Yes, they are a legit Australian bookmaker that’s owned by a partnership with an Australian ABN number. They also hold licences with the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission and Victorian Bookmakers’ Association.

No, they don’t offer live betting options at this time.

I'm Matt, I'm an experienced sports betting writer here at Casino Com Australia. I enjoy providing helpful information for punters who are looking to find the top betting sites down under.