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My name is Katherine and I have spent almost my entire career working in the casino and betting industry. I have picked up several things along the way to ensure I provide readers with the most useful information going around. I have built a fairly successful career in the industry and I have written for several different publications about online casinos, betting, and more.

I have spent countless hours studying the ins and outs of all the casino games, and have first-hand experience of how all these games work. I’m not afraid to try something new to ensure readers have all the information they need to make the best decision possible.

I loved the introduction of online casinos because it means there are so many more opportunities to play different online casinos. I will try all the games on offer at online casinos and all this experience means I can provide readers with accurate, first-hand experience.

When I’m not playing at a casino or writing about my experience, I conduct further research and watch other people play casino games. know the ins and outs of gambling and all its unique nuances. I will happily sit and talk to anyone who also loves gambling or anyone who wants to know more!