Join Wheel of Light Arcade Game Online at South Africa

Wheel of Light is a roulette-style arcade game from Playtech. Fans of roulette online casino games will find this game intuitive and enjoyable with its flashing lights and colourful screen. The wheel consists of 31 numbers – the numbers 1 through 30 and a single 0. It also has coloured sections that add to the excitement of the game. While the theme of this game is similar to other games from Playtech, it is one of its winning online arcade games for its ability to pay out large wins and can be enjoyed at South Africa.

Playing the Game

To begin the game you will need to place your bet. There are many different bets that can be placed and numerous bets can be placed during one game. There is a range of bet sizes available and players can place different bet amounts for different bets. Once the bets have been placed, start the light spinning around the wheel. Wait for it to come to stop and you will be paid out for any wins.

Bets include:

  • Single number – you can bet on a single number from 0-30.
  • Colours – there are 4 coloured sections, each with a different amount of numbers. This is a bet on all the numbers in that set.
  • Groups – there are five groups of numbers that can be bet on (1-5, 6-13, 14-16, 17-23 and 24-30).
  • High or low – bet on the number being high (16-30) or low (1-15).
  • Odd or even – bet on the number being odd or even.

Winning Payouts

The payouts in the game vary depending on the bet you place. Betting on a single number pays out the most at 30. The payouts for the coloured bets vary because there is a different amount of numbers per coloured section. Blue pays out 4.28; orange pays out 2.14; green pays out 6 and red pays out 7.5. There is also a different amount of numbers in the groups so that 1-5 pays out 6; 6-13 pays out 3.75; 14-16 pays out 10; 17-23 pays out 4.28 and 24-30 pays out 4.28. High or low and odd or even bets pay out 2. You can work out from the payouts which are the riskier and which are the safer bets to place and you can place a range of these bets to increase your chances of winning.

You can try you luck at the spinning wheel at this exciting game in the arcade games suite at our online casino. Pick your bets from the wide range of options available and choose a bet to suit your bankroll and you will be ready to aim for a big winning payout from the casino.