Play Rock Paper Scissors Arcade Game Online at South Africa

If you grew up around other children there is a strong chance you came across the game of rock, paper, scissors at some time. This is a game that uses hands to solve disputes. Playtech has now taken this old hand game and turned it into an arcade game that can be played at an online casinos. When you enter the game you will be faced with a fighting ring, although in the centre you will notice that the fighters are in fact two hands. The hands face each other while a crowd cheers them on from the side lines.

Playing the Game

Playing Rock Paper Scissors is simple and straightforward. You need to choose the size of your bet to begin the game and there is a wide range of betting sizes to suit all bankrolls. You will then need to select your move – rock, paper or scissors. A gong will sound, the hands will shake and they will then both display their move to the other hand. Rock crushes scissors, scissors cut paper and paper smothers rock. If you prefer to take some risks, you can play 2, 3 or 4 games and will need to win all the games in the set to be paid out.

How to Win

You will need to win all hand fights within the set you choose to play in order to win the payout. In other words, if you select 3 games, you will need to win all three to be paid out. If you lose one game in the set or tie one game in the set, you will start the set again. However, the payouts increase significantly if you play and win sets with a greater number of games in them. For example, winning a single game will pay out 1.9 times your bet; however winning a set of two games will pay out 8.7 times your bet; winning a set of three games will pay out 26 times your bet and winning a set of four games will pay out 78 times your bet.

The game is random and all players and all moves have an equal chance of winning in any given game. The odds of winning sets with more games are lower than the odds of winning a single game, though the payouts reflect this. Rock Paper Scissors can be found in the online arcade games suite at South Africa. If you’ve ever played this game against a live opponent you might like to see how the online casino games measure up. Try the arcade game to see how your luck holds with 1, 2, 3 or 4 games played at a time.