Join Pop Bingo Arcade Game Online at South Africa

Bingo is a popular gambling game that was traditionally played at land-based gambling houses, but has since become increasingly popular online. Playtech has created a bingo game with a twist which can be found in the online arcade games suite of an online casinos. Pop Bingo features a bingo grid with ninety numbers. On the left hand side of the grid is your bingo card with fifteen numbers listed on it. Below the bingo grid is a large pan full of white balls. These pop up like popcorn landing on the grid and covering a number.

Playing the Game

To begin a game of Pop Bingo you need to choose your bet size by increasing or decreasing the amount to suit your bankroll. Click on Play and the popcorn will begin popping up onto the board. The game plays automatically once you start play. As one of the popcorn balls covers a highlighted number, it will be circled on your bingo card on the left hand side of the screen. The aim of the game is to cover all of your numbers on your bingo card in as few pops as possible. There is a large counter that counts the number of pops that have played already and your potential payout is highlighted at the top of the screen, moving down as more pops are unsuccessful in completing your card. Once the game has completed with all of the numbers on your bingo card covered, you will be paid out for any wins. You can then begin a new game using the same card or playing with a new card.

How to Win

The fewer popcorn pops it takes to cover your bingo card, the more you will win. The payout is also dependant on the size of your bet. For example, if you manage to cover your card in 40 pops, you will win the highest payout. If this is 10K, then for covering it in 45 pops you wll be awarded 1K; for covering it in 50 pops you will be awarded 100; for covering it in 57 pops you will be awarded 50; for covering it in 60 pops you will be awarded 10 etc. The payouts reduce drastically the more pops it takes to cover it. If you are unlucky enough to need all 90 pops to cover your card, you will not win a payout.

Pop Bingo is a fun and unique variation of bingo online casino games. It is a fast-paced game that requires no skill, making winning an equal possibility for all players. Visit the arcade games suite at South Africa to try your luck and see how quickly you can cover your card.