Play Medusa's Gaze Arcade Game Online at South Africa

Medusa is a monster, a Gorgon, from Greek Mythology who had a repulsive female face and venomous snakes in place of hair. Looking directly into her eyes would turn you into stone. Playtech has taken this theme and created an arcade game that is sure to keep you busy. Medusa’s Gaze is a popular category of online casino games – spinning wheels. Four wheels of concentric coloured blocks spins around with the head of Medusa stick out the centre of the wheels. This game is a game of luck, but each spin features a different outcome, making it interesting and exciting and one of the popular online arcade games at Playtech casinos.

Playing the Game

To begin a game of Medusa’s Gaze you will need to choose your bet size, with a wide range to suite all bankrolls. Then, click on Play to start the wheels moving. The wheels will spin and come to rest displaying 12 paylines (8 vertical rows and 4 horizontal rows). The aim of the game is to line up a minimum of three matching coloured blocks on any payline. There is also a wild block (the white block) which helps to create winning combinations. If there is a winning combination, Medusa glares at the blocks and turns them into stone and they slip down below the level of the wheel. There can be multiple winning combinations. New coloured blocks take their place creating a new wheel and the potential for new winning combinations. With each consecutive win, the multiplier value will be increased by 1x, offering higher payouts the more you win in one wheel spin.

How to Win

Players will win in Medusa’s Gaze if they line up sets of coloured blocks on a payline on the spinning wheel. The multiplier value displayed on the wheel at the bottom of the screen will indicate the multiplier value you will be awarded for a win. This can change during the game based on previous wins so keep an eye on it.

Medusa’s Gaze is similar to slots games in terms of lining up matching symbols and the chance to make use of wild symbols. It is even simpler however as all paylines are automatically activated and matching symbols can land in any direction. Playing at a casino online gives you the chance to enjoy the fast pace and simple game play of this game.

Visit the arcade casino games suite at South Africa to try your hand at this exciting game. Enjoy the colourful wheels, coupled with the scary glare of Medusa when you achieve a winning combination. Watch as the coloured blocks sink and hope for a new match with the new blocks that appear.