Join Hold'em Showdown Arcade Game Online at South Africa

Texas hold’em is one of the most popular poker online casino games available and Playtech has now created a favourite in online arcade games, based on the card game. In Hold’em Showdown players are required to bet on who will hold the winning hand, offering a taste of the card game with simpler rules for those who are looking for something fast and straightforward.

How to Play

Players will be faced with a dealer and four opponents. To begin the game, place your bet. Each player will then be dealt two cards face up. For each set of player cards a payout will be displayed for the dealer winning and for the player winning. These payouts are based on the risk involved in that particular hand. The payout amount includes the bet amount. If the player is not happy with the payouts as they are displayed, you can click on the Shuffle button which will shuffle and re-deal all the player hands. The original dealer hand will remain unchanged. The payouts for the opponents’ hands will change to reflect the new cards. You can use this option up to three times, after which you will not be able to shuffle again and will need to play the hand that is in front of you.

Once you have your final set of hands, you will need to choose one of the opponents’ hands and then decide if the dealer or that opponent will win that game. The cards of the other opponents will then be removed from the table, leaving only the opponent you selected and the dealer. The community cards will be dealt one by one in the order of Flop, Turn and River and the dealer and the opponent’s five-card poker hand will be displayed. There is a turbo bet mode that plays the cards so quickly you can’t follow the individual card deals and the outcome is announced almost immediately. The dealer and opponent hands will be compared and the player will win if you correctly bet on the winning hand.

How to Win

Players will win if they correctly guessed who would win the hand. The payout displayed reflects the risks involved in the hand. In other words, the higher the payout, the riskier the hand is. This means that if you are a conservative player you should rather choose an outcome with a lower payout. Higher payout outcomes are more suited to players who enjoy taking risks.

This online casino arcade game version of the poker favourite plays the cards and creates the poker hands automatically, but still gives the feel and excitement of a building poker hand. Play at South Africa and test you intuitiveness for picking a winning hand.