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An intriguing mix of poker and slots, Video Poker is the choice for discerning players. Based on standard Hold ‘em hand hierarchy, this online game combines two of the world’s favourite games to create a fast-paced game with straight forward rules and plenty of chances to take home a decent payday. Relatively new in terms of casino game standards, Video Poker has been increasing in popularity since its inception in the 1970s – the attraction lies in simple rules, progressive jackpots, Double and Half Double your money features, and an easy to follow payout system based on card hands.



History of Video Poker

This game did not exist until technological advances enabled a game to be hooked up to a TV monitor, making it a relative newcomer in the world of casino games. Although it started out as a simplistic computer game, once processing units and TVs could be combined and technological understanding and capabilities advanced, Video Poker became a staple for many players. The starting point for its current popularity began with in 1979 the introduction of the first sophisticated game called Draw Poker.

This game increased in reputation and fan base through the eighties, with the technological aspect proving less intimidating than table and cards games against other players or dealers. Once the machines hit Vegas, their presence in casinos exploded and it became one of the top games, rivaling the number of slot machines on casino floors.

However, one major criticism of bricks and mortar casinos was that the Video Poker games had a high minimum coin level, so they limited who could play. Combined with the geographical element of needing to be within traveling distance of an actual casino, further advances such as the invention of the Internet were needed to enable Video Poker popularity to reach new heights.

As online Video Poker evolved, new games were created that were more complex in design and style. Offering multi-level options and bigger payouts, all in a convenient online package that could be accessed from home around the clock, Video Poker fast became one of the top online casino game choices for players. Coin levels were set at lower and higher limits so the game became more accessible to a higher number of people.

Video Poker Odds

To increase your odds of winning at Online Video Poker you need to take various things into consideration including the game’s minimum and maximum limits, the base payout, the number of winning combinations available and whether the game has a Wild card.

Limits are important as these restrict the number of Deals you can enjoy. Based on probability research, the more hands you play, the better your odds of winning, so you need to select a Video Poker machine that has minimum limits that suit your pocket to get the most out of your game and maximize your winning potential.

Wild cards increase your winning potential because they substitute any other card in the game to complete a win. This means the set number of cards in a deck does not restrict you when it comes to the odds of your hand hitting. Deuces Wild is considered one of the best Wild games as the four of a kind payout has a high average of hitting. Joker’s Wild is considered another great choice because it has an extra winning hand: five of a kind.

For the best odds of boosting your bankroll, check out the paytables of each game. For instance, Bonus Poker offers better payouts for four of a kind wins than other machines, while Tens or Better pay out from a lower winning combination: a pair of tens. You can also try out progressive jackpot games if you want the chance to win big; this extra side bet gives you access to an extra jackpot that is randomly triggered.

The progressive jackpot is linked and accumulates each time a player pays into the side bet, and there is no upper limit to the jackpot amount. The amount won is the amount showing when it is triggered and the only stipulation is that you have to play the maximum number of bets available on your machine to be able to play for the progressive.

How to play and game rules

The variety of Online Video Poker games on offer at Canada include Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, progressive games and multi-hand games. Each boasts excellent graphics and animations, a smooth playing platform and plenty of ways to win including progressive jackpots, fixed jackpots and Wilds. To play, select the game of choice and set your coin level using the + and – buttons or arrows. Then hit Deal.

When your cards are dealt, you can hold those that you want to keep to try and improve upon for a winning hand, and then hit Deal again for the second round of cards. As you play, our software will automatically highlight any winning card combinations that show in the initial deal.

You can set the Autoplay feature to schedule a set number of games at a specified bet amount for a faster game, or you can play one round at a time as standard. If you win, you get paid out instantly according to the paytable. Some of the Online Video Poker games we offer include…

  • Jacks or Better: a type of Draw Poker with payouts starting for a pair of Jacks. The Full House pays out at 9x your bet amount, and a Flush pays out at 6x your bet amount.
  • Tens or Better: a type of Draw Poker with payouts starting for a pair of 10s. The increased payout enabled by the tens means a reduced payout for the Full House and Flush.
  • Joker’s Wild: this game has a Joker card added which acts as Wild. This gives you more opportunities to complete a winning combination, as the Wild card will substitute any other card in the deck to give you better oddss. The Joker also enables an extra payout: five of a kind.
  • Deuces Wild: in this game, all 2s are considered Wild. This increases your chance of completing a winning card combination, and the four of a kind combination hits more frequently on this game than any other Video Poker machine.
  • Double Bonus: similar to Jacks or Better but with an additional bonus payout for four Aces.
  • Please note: as the winning combinations are based on Hold ‘em hand hierarchy, the highest hand showing is paid. For instance, if you get four of a kind, you will be paid for that hand only – you will not be paid out for 2x pairs or three of a kind also.

Strategy and Tips

Whether you’re starting out or have been playing for a while, there is a wide variety of Video Poker tips, advice and strategy on offer, designed to help improve your game and lower the house edge. There are no proven rules as to what works and what doesn’t, but if you enjoy your game and use only the tips that suit your personal playing style, you’re guaranteed hours of entertainment. Here are some of the basic concepts and ideas to help you get started.

  • Know your cards: you have to know what cards to hold and what cards to throw away for the best odds of winning. That means you need to know each winning card combination as well the hierarchy it has.
  • Always hold: the following is a list of cards that basic Video Poker strategy suggests you should always keep - a royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house. Three of a kind should be held with the others discarded to try for four of a kind or a full house, and two pair should be held with the fifth card discarded for a chance at a full house.
  • Breaking a flush or straight: You should only break up a flush or a straight if you have four cards to a royal flush. For example, if you have Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 9 of diamonds, get rid of the 9 in the hope of hitting the 10 of diamonds. You could still hit a diamond of another value and hit the flush too or a pair.
  • Breaking Jacks: if you are playing Jacks or Better and have a pair, you should only break it if you have four cards to a Royal Flush or a lower Straight Flush.

Video Poker strategy calculators are also available online; use these to input the game type and your cards and it analyses the perfect strategy. These are used post-game so do not help you as you play, but may help inform future decisions. There are also Video Poker charts that you can use to help you make decisions as you play. Use these sparingly and only adopt methods that suit you as a player.

Game buttons

When you play our Video Poker games at Canada, you will come across a variety of buttons. Some options, such as Double and Double Half, are not always available; these will pop up when you hit a winning combination. Use this summary to help you understand the mechanics as you play.

  • Bet Max: this allows you to activate all possible bets and deal the cards in one quick move. Set your coin level (per activated bet) and then hit Bet Max to activate all lines and deal the cards.
  • Collect: This button will appear when you hit a winning combination. Click to collect your winnings and place them in your bankroll.
  • Double: this double or nothing feature allows you to multiply your winnings when you hit a winning hand. If you choose this option, you need to click on the cards that show in the next round to set the bonus game in motion.
  • Double half: this option enables you to play half of your winnings with the aim of doubling your earning. Half of your winnings go to your bankroll, the other half are put into this extra bet. If you choose this option, you need to click on the cards that show in the next round to set the bonus game in motion.
  • Hold: click this to hold the cards of your choice.
  • Deal: press this to deal the hand.
  • Limit: this button will show all game limits, including minimum and maximum bet and the double limit.

Glossary of Useful Terms

These terms will assist you while you play Video Poker at Canada, helping you to understand the game rules, bets and any special features.

  • Cashier: go to this area for all money transactions such as cashing out your winnings and depositing into your bankroll.
  • Double: the chance to double your money with a gamble feature.
  • Half double: the chance to double half of your winnings (and collect the other half) with a special gamble feature.
  • Multi-hand: you can play more than one hand during any round in this type of game, giving you a faster paced, more exciting online casino experience.
  • Payline: you can play multiple lines during most Video Poker games and each is called a payline. Payouts are only made for winning combinations on activated paylines.
  • Paytable: this is the area that displays how much each bet pays out and is clearly displayed on your screen.
  • Progressive jackpot: an accumulative jackpot that is linked to other machines, randomly triggered and with no maximum upper limit.
  • Strategy: this refers to rigid Video Poker betting systems that are designed to maximize your winnings – there are many strategies and systems available. Each is a matter of personal choice and preference, so make sure you choose one that suits your own tastes and playing style.
  • Wild: a card that acts as a substitute for any other card, giving you more opportunity to complete winning combinations.

Opening an account to play for real money

To open a Real Money account with us at Canada, click Play For Real Money, enter the required details and click on Create. Your account will be instantly activated but you will need to make a deposit to play at our real money tables.

We have a range of deposit methods on offer, including Credit Card, Debit Card and online e-wallets. Select your preferred provider, stipulate your required deposit amount and as soon as the payment is verified, you can play.

This special Welcome Bonus has a tiered format, so you can unlock funds over a period of time. That means no hefty up-front payments and a regularly boosted bankroll.