Play Age of the Gods: Fate sisters at Canada

Your destiny is calling in this alluring and mysterious Greek mythology slot based around the Moirai - or the Fates to you and I. The three robed sisters had a tough gig, ensuring that nothing got in the way of the fate assigned to every mortal - even gods had to submit to these three women, although Zeus occasionally had something to say about that! Clotho was the one who would spin the thread of life; Lachesis would allot the life span of a mortal by measuring the thread; and Atropos was the one whose shears told you your number was up! Mortals may have spent their lives trying to dodge Atropos, but you won’t want to myth out on Fate Sisters. You’ll be sent spinning by this fantastic slot, just one of hundreds to be found in our online casino.

Sisters act for good in classic Greek slot

A lavish, purple temple provides the backdrop for this five-reel 25-line payline slot, accompanied by the eerie sound of the lyre which transports you back to a time when the gods made sport of mere mortals. But you don’t have to accept your fate playing this wonderfully-designed slot because seeing these three beautiful sisters together is to your advantage! Should Lachesis, Clotho and Atropos land on reels one, three and five respectively, you have just triggered one of the great bonus features of this slot - the Sisters’ Gift, in which you receive a free re-spin during which the Fates, acting as Scatters, stay locked. This is one Greek gift that’s worth accepting! You’re in the lap of the gods in Fate Sisters, but our online casino games ensure you will always have a heavenly time.

Enter the portal for a cash bonanza

Another great bonus feature is The Fates’ Portal Free Games which is activated when three of the supernatural blue scatter symbols appear anywhere on the screen. Choose one of the sisters’ three temples and you will receive between eight and 15 free games, all of which have potentially lucrative features such as dynamic multipliers or locking and random wilds, plus lots of free spins! All Age of the Gods games in online slots offer four progressive jackpots which are triggered randomly after any spin and guarantee a win! Don’t accept your fate, go for it!