Play Winners’ Club Scratch Online at Canada

Looking to join the Winners’ Club? Then stop by to our online casino for your chance at making into the big leagues when you play our Winners Club Scratch off game! There are major prizes to be won, and every round is fun, so you can be sure that you’ll be walking away from this gaming session with a smile on your face and maybe even some cash in your pocket. There’s no time to lose when you are competing for the best, so hurry in now!

Winners’ Club Scratch – Variety is The Spice of Life

The Winners Club Scratch off online casino game is not like many of the other versions that we have playing on our platform. The setup, the payment and the entire feel is a different flair, and many gamers love the variety that it offers. There are four different levels of playing cards that you can choose from. While this is essence the same thing as choosing a card value, the fact that it is presented in the format of card levels already makes it feel like a new way of doing things. Novelty is a good motivator and it’s always fun to change things up a bit, so take this as a win. The four levels are Classic, Silver, Gold and Platinum. If you are playing as a free user, you will only have access to the Classic and Silver modes. Don’t worry, once you are good at these two introductory levels, you can always create your own Canada account and join the big leagues in a flash! Select which level you want to play on, and the cards will change colours according to the stage of choice. Classic is yellow and green, Silver is, of course, silver, Gold is gold, and Platinum is blue. This will help you differentiate between the levels easily.

Winners’ Club Scratch Bonus Features

Now that you’ve purchased a level, you can pick from the ten tickets that appear on the screen. Your ticket will jump out of the pile, and you can scratch away at the surface to discover the numbers below. If you find a set of matching numbers, then you can collect the prize and continue having fun! One final bonus feature that you’ll enjoy on the Gold and Platinum stages. If you find a Jackpot symbol on your cards, then you are in luck. Three of these will deliver a tremendous jackpot into your hand, and that is one major win, so keep playing our online scratch card games and get ready for the landslide!


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