Play Spamalot Scratch Online at Canada

Monty Python fans will revel in this next edition of our stupendous online scratch card games selection. Our Spamalot Scratch offs have all of the wit and side-stitching amusement that you are used to from these characters, and it all comes neatly tied up with a cash bow to boot! If you are ready for a completely different, then turn your attention towards the screen for a rip roaring, colourful and ever-entertaining variety show like you would expect from the great and mighty Python clan.

Even as the screen loads, you begin to see some familiar faces that will already bring a smile to your face. King Arthur is peeking out of the Holy Grail, and his fearless knights are doing the bravest to valiantly protect their king. There are loads of other references flitting about as well, but we want you to be able to discover some for yourself, so we won’t ruin all the surprises now. Instead, let’s move on to the hows of casino games online gameplay.

How to Play Spamalot Scratch

Playing the Spamalot Scratch offs is simple and more entertaining than you could ever imagine. Card values range from half a unit to 100 units, and you can vary the amount you spend per card with every round if you’d like. Naturally, the prize amounts that are available will fluctuate according to the amount you are spending on the card. As they say, you’ve got to spend money to make money, but, with returns as high as a million dollars, is it really such a big deal to lay down a couple more bucks?!

With a card value chosen, you can click on the ancient play button. This will turn the cards into windows for the images below to be discovered. The object of the Spamalot Scratch off cards is to match the prize picture in the square to the left of the grid with one of the other squares within the grid. Do this, and the prize value is yours!

Play Spamalot Scratch Now!

Enjoy the animations that jump into action whenever you create a winning match. The Lady of the Lake will drop her top and the killer rabbit will attack (so watch out). There is plenty more amusement to be enjoyed like the knights who say Ni and None Shall Pass knight, but, again, we’ll let you find out all about those as you play through your rounds. So what are you waiting for? Join our online casino today, and have the laughs of your life delivered straight to your brain immediately!