Play Easter Surprise Scratch Online at Canada

What do chocolate eggs, pastel coloured skies, and friendly bunnies all have in common? They’re all starring in our fabulous Easter Surprise Scratch cards, and you can take advantage of this adorable way to make some cold cash right now! Just head straight over to Canada, log in with your account, and play the festive scratch card online casino games until your bankroll is bursting from all of the treats! Get a taste of the holiday goodness no matter what time of year it is now.

The Easter Surprise Scratch offs are painted a sugary rainbow of pastel shades. From the mint green edges to the pink-tinted clouds, the minute you open up this game, you know it’s going to be a killer for your sweet tooth. Lucky for you, all of the candy is animated, so you won’t have to watch your weight while you play game after game of these caloric delights. These online scratch card games are played off of nine individual squares, and if you want to know how to play, then just keep reading.

How to Play Easter Surprise Scratch

As we said, the nine-squared grid is the playing field, and behind each one lays an icon. Sometimes it is a friendly bunny rabbit bearing gifts, while other squares will have the beautifully painted eggs with stripes, spots, and other lovely designs. So what is this bunny up to anyway? Well, he’s handing out colourful eggs to get everyone into the holiday spirit. What most people don’t know is that if you can manage to find three bunnies bunched together on the playing screen, you’ll win the prize that’s hiding out under the prize window. Sometimes, that’s just a dollar, but other times it can be as much as $100,000! Who said Easter was just a kids’ holiday?

Easter Surprise Scratch Prizes Keep Climbing!

Each card that you purchase comes along with a prize value. You won’t know the value of the prize until after you have purchase it, so there isn’t any tricking the system, sorry! What you can do to give yourself a definite higher value is buy pricier cards. These more expensive Easter Surprise Scratch cards will bring in much higher rewards when you win. The prize value goes up proportionately to the price of the card, so spend a little to get a little. You’ll see that it is a worthwhile investment. So hurry into our online casino because if you win that major jackpot, we’re pretty sure you are going to be celebrating!