winners blackjack

Scott Taylor, (Canada) $155,345 – Online Blackjack (Progressive)

Scott Taylor scooped an large sum of $155,345 whilst playing a Canadian online casino favourite: progressive blackjack. He never believed that he’d hit the big online casino jackpot hand and by gaining four aces in a row, he hit the big time. A huge online blackjack fan, Scott loved the idea of a progressive blackjack game and his choice certainly paid out!

‘I am thrilled to be such a big winner in the online casino. I really enjoy playing blackjack and I have to admit that this win has only increased my passion for the game and also my bank balance (of course). I have to keep pinching myself to check that the money really exists! I think it will only be real when I have my real flight ticket in my hand for my holiday of a lifetime!’

winners roulette

Chloe Johnson (Australia) $20,342 – Online Roulette

Chloe had an amazing day in the online casino when she made bets on online casino roulette throughout the day and built up her small bankroll to $20,342. A relatively new player to, Chloe is a huge casino roulette fan, particularly in land-based casinos. However, now she is committed to playing online whenever she can.

‘I was always told by my father that you’ve got to spin it to win it and how true that is! I’m so excited by this big online casino win and very thrilled about spending the money on the new sports car I've always wanted!'

winners beachlife

Alain M, €1,812,934 (France) – Beachlife Online Slots

The french online casino player Alain M really hit the online casino jackpot with his win of nearly €2 million on Beachlife progressive slot machine and he’d only been playing online for less than twenty minutes! Watching his casino bankroll shoot up to €1,812,934, Alain had his sights set on a cruise or a trip to Asia with his windfall.

‘I was pretty shocked when I saw the casino reels and couldn’t comprehend the amount of money that I had actually won. I really love playing online as I can play anytime and anywhere – no waiting for the casino to open! My advice is that you just never know when you are going to win and win big – so keep playing and maybe next time it could be your turn!’