Moneybookers Casino

Here at Canada we accept Skrill, originally Moneybookers until they underwent a rebranding in 2013, to allow you to easily upload payments to our site and toy our account so that you can start gambling. When it comes to payment method options, we want to give you choices and we have a lot of clients that choose to use the Skrill option. Check out how this works and see if you think that this is the right idea for you.

Skrill is an E-wallet service that allows you to store payments online safely and securely. You will be able to store your information on there and use it when you need to instead of trying to upload information every time that you want to use it. Here at CA, we feel that this is a safe and secure option for our clients.

For a lot of people, they are so concerned with keeping their payment information safe and secure and we understand that. With Skrill, you get just that. This is a great way to keep personal information secure and to make sure that you are able to use our casino for your online casino pleasure, check out this payment option.

How to Use Skrill?

As far as E-wallets go, Skrill is pretty easy to use. The first step is to create an account which shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. You’ll need to enter some personal details and fund the account either using a bank transfer, credit card or another E-wallet provider. Once the money is in your account you can transfer it into your Canada account by simply following the instructions listed in the Cashier page at our website.

Skrill is able to immediately transfer the funds into your CA account which will allow you to start playing our online casino games without having to wait. Skrill also has one of the highest max deposit options available, allowing a player to transfer up to $50,000 in one day. With your first deposit into your Canada account you’ll receive up to a $400 welcome bonus.

Some of the advantages to using Skrill include:

  • Instant Transactions
  • Anonymity
  • Little to no fees
  • Safe and secure transactions

Is Skrill Safe to Use?

Skrill is an extremely safe and secure e-wallet service. When you make a purchase, or in case a transfer, they keep your personal information to themselves. This means that not only do we not receive any of your personal information, but hackers or other types of criminals won’t even get the opportunity to try and access them. Whatever data or money is transmitted is encrypted up to the standards of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, which sounds like a mouthful but is important for protecting this crucial data.

The other important security feature at Skrill is the Two-Factor authentication which provides users with an added layer of protection. This requires every user to enter a code that you receive on your phone in addition to your E-mail address and a password.

So don’t waste another minute, open up and fund your Skrill account today and start winning real money at Canada.