Play Spin a Win Live

Spin a Win is a Live Casino game that offers players a wheel of fortune style experience. The wheel itself, features a range of different numbers on a spinning wheel. Players are afforded the opportunity to place different bets based on how the wheel lands. It bears similarities with Roulette, in terms of how it plays with the betting options.

It’s a great looking game that features a live host taking you through every step of the game. The background and wheel itself, are very vibrant, which ultimately adds a degree of glamour to proceedings.


There are a range of different features included in Spin a Win at online Canadian casinos. The overarching aim is all about creating excitement for players, while simultaneously also offering some great wins. The features are all designed with the intention of providing additional excitement to players. Here are the different options that are available when playing Spin a Win online.


The RTP is actually variable when playing Spin a Win slot at casinos online Each bet that is placed, gives players a different RTP value. You can take a look at the different RTP options for each bet below:

  • 1 = 95.34%
  • 2 = 95.51%
  • 5 = 91.22%
  • 10 = 96.55%
  • 20 = 92.67%
  • 40 = 90.67%
  • Odd = 97.22%
  • Even = 91.67%
  • Multiplier = 96.3%

As you can see, the RTP can vary between 90.67% and 97.22%. Each bet, therefore, has different levels of risk attached, but they also have high levels of reward.

Game Provider

Playtech is one of the world’s biggest and best-loved developers, so it’s no surprise that it had a hand in creating this beautiful game of chance. You’re not playing against any other players and all your attention is focused on the presenter and the wheel.

Game Type

Spin a Win is part of a category known as Live Game Shows. These are defined by the inclusion of a presenter, and they typically revolve around large wheels or other centerpieces. There are many other games like this available at casinos in canada so if you like what you see, be sure to check out these other titles.


The multipliers are in place on 2 sections of the wheel. There is a 2x multiplier, and a 7x multiplier. Both of these will become active when they land, and then they can have an impact on the next spin.

Min Bet

The minimum wager on Spin a Win is just $0.20. To place this wager, just select the smallest chip denomination and add it to your chosen number.

Max Bet

It is possible to place a bet of up to $10,000 on this Live Casino game.


Playing Spin a Win  is a relatively simple process. This is what makes it so much fun to players, and it isn’t hugely complicated. There are a few simple steps to take in order to start playing the game.

  • Choose your stake level.
  • Select your bet. You’re able to bet on 9 different betting combinations
  • Watch the wheel spin and see if you have won

The betting combinations that are available are as follows: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40 are the numbers that can be wagered on. Players can also bet on an odd number landing, an even number landing, or one of the multipliers landing. These are known as the side bets.

If you bet on the multiplier side bet, this will win if a multiplier lands. However, if you have chosen another bet and the multiplier lands, this will freeze your bet for the next spin. If the next spin wins then the multiplier will be applied to the win.

If you want to try out Spin a Win , then sign up for an account at an online casino that supports it now!


There are plenty of different bonuses, and promotions that you will be eligible for when playing at online CA casinos . With a rotating selection of promotions available to players, it’s always worth checking out the bonuses and Promotions page. This will help you to find the best bonus for your needs.

Spin a Win also has its own bonus round included whenever a multiplier lands on the reels. This will keep your bet in place for the next spin, but this time, if it comes in, then the size of your win will be increased by the same factor as the multiplier.


The payouts for Spin a Win are also relatively easy to understand. As it uses a wheel as the basis of the game, it means that players don’t have to look into a complex payline system. The payout is right there in front for however the wheel lands when it spins.

The multiplier doesn’t offer a payout to players unless a bet has been placed on the multiplier side bet. Whenever the multiplier symbol lands, it will lock in all bets for the next spin, and then it will increase them if they win on the next spin. Of course, if a bet on the multiplier side bet was placed, then this will pay out if a multiplier lands, and it isn’t locked in for the next spin.

1Evens (1/1)
Odd Side Bet0.75
Even Side Bet1.25
Multiplier Side Bet25/1

All of these bets can be impacted by the multipliers if they land, so the maximum payout for Spin a Win could be as high as 280x your stake if you bet on the 40, and a 7x multiplier lands.


There is no guaranteed strategy for playing Spin a Win, however there are a few ways that you can give yourself a better chance of success. The first, is by examining the RTPs of the different bets. For example, a bet on the number 40 has the highest payout in the game, but it also has the lowest RTP. This means that your chance of winning with this bet is a lot lower than if you choose other options.

Generally speaking, a bet on the odds, and on 2 as a single number, are the best ways to increase your chances of winning. This will cover all the odd numbers on the wheel, as well as covering the most common even number.


There’s no strategy that guarantees a win in any gambling game. However, there are certain strategies that you can carry out, that will increase your chances of winning.

Spin a Win has two multipliers in place. They are valued at 2 and 7. They are on the wheel just like the other numbers, so they can land on any spin with no limits. Unless you have placed a bet on the multiplier side bet, the multipliers don’t come into effect until the next spin. They will then apply to any winning bets on the next spin.

There are quite a few games that have a similar mechanic to Spin a Win. The two most popular titles that have similarities are Money Drop Live and Dream Catcher. These two games have a lot in common and provide an exciting live dealer experience, just like Spin a Win does.

Of course! Spin a Win  is mobile-friendly, and that’s true whether you’re spinning the latest Playtech jackpot slot game or enjoying a Live Game Shows powered by this provider.


Spin a Win Live provides lots of fun to players. The wheel of fortune mechanic makes it very exciting in a similar manner to Roulette. With the addition of the multipliers, it ensures that the title can also provide some impressive wins. Spin a Win at CA casinos  also uses the Live Dealer to make sure that it’s immersive to players. It’s overall one of the most fun live dealers’ titles on the market at the moment.

If this sounds like the kind of game that will grab your attention, then why not sign up here at any legal CA casino that supports the game and  start spinning the wheel? These gambling hubs make it easy for you to get into the world of Live Dealer games.