Instant Banking Casino

What it means to be an Instant Banking Casino is to let our players have access to the safest, quickest and most convenient payment methods available on the web. And this is why we have the top Instant Banking service providers available at our online casino for you to use to pay your deposits and that will pay you your winnings.

What Makes An Instant Banking Casino

Firstly, what exactly is instant banking? No, it’s not related to instant popcorn. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s all about the here and now. So why expect anything less from your financial transactions? An Instant Banking Casino is one which lets you deposit and withdraw through a completely secure payment tool that shows your transactions almost immediately in your account.

Instant banking companies will act as the direct link between your account and the merchant, in this case our Instant Banking Casino, and so keeps your financial details private and safe while providing real-time transactions. This speed is particularly important in the gambling world, where you’ll want your money in and out of your playing account as fast as the reels are spinning.

What’s more is that it functions as a debit facility, so it makes sure that you don’t go into any debt. It does this by using funds that are already in your own account.

Instant Banking Casino Options

One of the most popular options at Canada is UseMyBank, which is a Toronto-based provider of this service. Other such companies include Sofort by MoneyBooker and Citadel.

Join Canada, the leading Instant Banking Casino, and get lots of instant gratification by having a blast in our gambling arena and seeing your winnings land in your bank account faster than you can say Sofortüberweisung.