Envoy Casino

If you are looking for a bank transfer payment method to use with your Casino.com CA account, you want to look at Envoy. Envoy is a very easy way for you to get the payment information that you need over to Casino.com CA so you can play the games that you are interested in and start your online gambling right away.

For a payment method like Envoy, you are able to access local payment methods. What you will do with Envoy is use the local payment methods that are out there for loading your payments onto an online site and getting what you need. They make it really easy with these options that are out there for you to do this and to start playing right away.

If you are looking for a convenient method of payment for you to gamble on Casino Canada, you will find that Envoy is a great way to do that. With this payment method, you are going to get funds uploaded to your casino account quickly and be able to play all of the games that you love so much. Check this option for payment out and start gambling tonight.

Advantages of Using Envoy at Casino.com Canada

Envoy is unique in that it acts like an E-wallet service and a bank transfer service, which offers our players the best of both worlds. Envoy acts as the go between for your bank account and Casino.com Canada account, its acts like a local Canadian bank for both parties. What this means for you is instant access and avoiding the fees that would normally be associated with a standard international transaction. The way this works is instead of having to wait for the money transfer to reach various international electronic check posts to be authenticated, which can take time, it’s all done locally and can be completed very quickly

To begin using Envoy you first need to create an account with them by visiting the Envoy Website and filling in the required information. Part of the registration process is to decide how you will be funding your account. You can opt to use a bank transfer or fund it with an E-wallet service such as PayPal or a credit card. Envoy works with man Canadian banks, but not all of them, so make sure to check with your bank to be certain that you can fund the account through a bank transfer.

Once the accounts are connected you will be able to go to the Cashier page on Casino.com Canada and deposit money to your account and begin playing all of your favorite online casino games.

Envoy is also an accepted withdrawal method at Casino.com Canada, there are some fees that you may incur when making a withdrawal but they are in line with most of the other accepted withdrawal methods.

Is Envoy Safe?

Transferring money with Envoy provides you with the same protection that you’d receive if you were completing a bank transfer. Their infrastructure includes using an SSL connection to their servers and their cloud based servers. The data is also protected with Server side encryption and uses a DDoS protection against denial of service attacks.

So instead of worrying about whether your information is correct you can focus on te big decisions, like whether to hit or stand in a thrilling game of online blackjack.