Play Penalty Shootout Arcade Game Online at Canada

Whether you call it football or soccer, whether you are an active participant or just like to watch it from the sidelines, Penalty Shootout is the crowd pleaser that you are going to quickly learn to call your favourite. Just load up this novel online arcade game, and you’ll see what all the hype is about. The best part is, you’ll be playing from our online casino, and so you can access it wherever you are. Don’t you just love the convenience of it all? Check it out right now!

How to Play Penalty Shootout

Penalty Shootout is a football fans delight, with all of the references and style that you are used to seeing in a real game. In this version, your job is to kick the ball into the goal without the goalkeeper stopping it. Watch out because he is really good at his job! Begin playing by choosing a betting amount. You can start out slow with just ten cents if you are new to the whole gambling online arena. This will give you the widest berth for learning, and it will ensure that you have plenty of cash in your bankroll to keep the fun happening all night long. Alternatively, if you are already familiar with the way these things go, you can up the ante for a better payout and a more exciting game. Toggle the amount by clicking on the buttons to the left and right of the wager window.

Kicking it out Penalty Shootout

After a wager amount has been chosen, you’ll need to select your kick of choice. Do you fancy the upper right corner, or do you see this goalkeeper as having a weakness on the lower edges? Maybe you want to go straight down the middle for a bunt shot? Whatever you choose, there is sure to be some fun as you watch the goalkeeper dive to block the shot. If you can manage to sink your ball without the goalkeeper deflecting it, you will be the winner! You are paid out according to the amounts that were shown at the beginning of the betting stage. Upper corners pay twelve times the amount, down the center gives you five times the amount, and either lower corner will deliver three times the wager.

Penalty Shootout is a fabulous way to get into the Canada headspace, but there is plenty of other excitement around here as well. If you feel like changing things up, then try out some of our other top rated online casino games today!