Play MegaBall Arcade Game Online at Canada

If you are a person who doesn’t appreciate having to choose between multiple options, then this is not the game for you! We have plenty of other online arcade games for you to enjoy, and we’d suggest you check them out. Simply put, MegaBall has loads of choices, and each one is more exciting than the last. Here is a sneak peek at some of the options that you’ll be allowed to choose from.

MegaBall Betting Options

Up to eight different betting combinations can be made during the exciting game of MegaBall, and these are just a few:

  • Colours: In MegaBall, there are three different coloured balls that are constantly at play. The colours bet gives you the chance to bet on a specific colour that you think will appear. You can also choose how many of that colour will show up in this round.
  • Numbers: The numbers bet, not surprising is a bet on either a specific number or up to four different numbers that could appear on the balls as they are drawn.
  • Cocktail: You can have either a single or double cocktail. These bets look for the variety in life. If you get at least one of each colour for the single or two of each colour for the double, you win.
  • Sixth Ball: This bet has a pretty good return on investment. You can choose either the colour or the number that you think the last ball will be.
  • Jackpot: And then there is always the progressive jackpot. Everyone loves these exciting prizes because they are huge and constantly growing. You’ll need to get five balls to match in order to claim this cache, though, so keep those fingers crossed.

Cool Features in MegaBall

MegaBall also has some great features that you’ll like. The auto play function on this game allows you to play up to 50 online casino games successively. This makes things easier for most players especially if you want to keep your complex wager options down to a minimum. Then again, if you want to try out different wager options, then you would probably do better playing individual rounds. You can play around, and try out both styles to see which you prefer to use.

Now are you ready for the real crunch? These games are timed, which means there is no leisurely betting stage for you this time. You’ll have to make your decisions, and act fast because every minute, a new round is started, and if you haven’t weighed in, you’ll be left out of the fun! Put your gambling abilities to the real test with this online casino top winner today.