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Sign up and play Hold ’em Showdown online casino games at Canada today, and experience an exciting mini card game online that offers a different playing experience with extra side bets and plenty of ways to win. Expect fast-paced action as you go head to head with the dealer in this slimmed-down version of Texas Hold ’em. Great for all kinds of player, you can play free online arcade games in Practice mode or real money games for actual cash payouts; games are available around the clock in the comfort of your own home. You can also choose between flash and download software – and with extra bets available, you can win up to 25x multiplier when you deal the Hold ’em Showdown cards. If you decide to play real money games, you can also claim an exclusive online casino 100% up to $400 (plus 200 free spins) Welcome Bonus.

How to Play Hold ‘em Showdown

To play Hold 'em Showdown, start by setting your ante bet, and decide whether you also want to play the optional AA bet. The AA bet is a wager that predicts a pair of Aces will be dealt in the first hand of the game. Once your bets are in place, hit Deal and you and the dealer will both receive two cards each. Your aim is to make the best hand and you can choose to Fold or to Call the dealer. If you Call, five community cards are dealt, and you make your best possible hand; this is then compared to that of the dealer and the better hand wins.

Hold ’em Showdown Winnings and Payouts

As this online card game is played head to head against the dealer, there are a few possible betting outcomes. Each outcome has its own specific payment, as shown on the paytable. If the Dealer fails to qualify by not managing to get the necessary minimum qualifying hand made up of a pair of 4’s, he forfeits that round and you receive your stake back. If the Dealer qualifies, but you have a better hand, again, you are the winner and you will receive your payout. The amount won is double your ante bet. If the Dealer qualifies and also makes the strongest hand, he is the winner and you will lose your ante bet. And finally, if you place an AA bet, it wins if you make a hand of pair of Aces, and the payouts available are 7x and 25x multipliers. The best thing is, because this is an extra side bet, you can win your AA bet, even if you lose the regular game against the dealer.