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If you’re looking for online casino games that have a traditional feel but a fresh and exciting format that’s unlike any other online, then take a look at what our online Darts online arcade games at Canada have to offer. A game that’s simple to learn. But lots of fun to play, online Darts is centred on a classic-style virtual dartboard, and your aim is to bet where three darts that are thrown at random will land! You can place multiple bets for multiple chances to win, for free in Practice mode or for actual cash payouts with real money games, on download or flash software. Real money players who choose to play at our online casino today can also claim 100% up to $400 Bonus (plus 200 free spins).

Darts Bonus Features

The virtual dartboard consists of a single ring, a double ring, a treble ring, an outer bull that’s worth 25 points and the Bullseye that’s worth 50 points. Each section on the board contains a number, and this is displayed on the outer edge. When you play our online Darts game, your aim is to predict the outcome of a three-dart throw. The betting menu in the upper right of your screen shows the different betting options that are available to you. Payouts are in the form of multipliers, and these are shown on the betting table also. Bets you can place include Sections – a bet that any of the three darts will hit a specified section – as well as Inner or Outer Bull, Mid Lo and Hi, or a combinations bet that bets on the combination the darts will hit such as colours or rings.

Get Started: Real Money Darts

To play Darts and other online casino games for real money – we have over 300 to choose from, available 24 hours a day – simply log in to or open a account and make an initial deposit to fund your bankroll. You can also claim your bonus when you make your initial deposit; simply click on Accept when the option pops up on your screen. Once the money shows in your bankroll, you’ll be able to hit the lobby and play your favourite games to win real money. To get started at the board, select your bet amount by clicking on the chips, select which bet or bets you wish to place, and hit Confirm. There is a bet maximum of five bets in place per round, and you can see exactly how much you have wagered by looking at the Total Bet box. When you are ready to play, hit Throw to see whether you have won.