Online Casino Bonuses - Types and Qualities

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Casino bonuses are one of the most exciting aspects of online gaming for casino players. They allow you to increase the size of your bonus, without having to deposit more money than usual. Here at, we give players all around the world the best selection of casino bonuses available online. We are straight to the point with everything we offer, and make sure our customers always know what they can expect with our bonuses.

Read our detailed guide to discover exactly what’s available to you when you play our games at

Casino Bonus Types

Although players are usually only able to take advantage of a single bonus at a time, we still have a fantastic selection of different bonuses available at You can also line up the different bonuses, so that once you’ve finished with your first bonus, your second bonus will become active immediately after.

Here are the most common types of bonuses that we present to all of our international players at

No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus is one of the most self-explanatory bonuses that you’ll encounter online. All it requires is for you to complete registration of an account with, and you’ll get access to a bonus — no deposit required. This kind of bonus is definitely the most desirable that you can get online.

When you get a no deposit bonus, you will have to meet specific wagering requirements before you can make a withdrawal. This will either apply to the bonus itself or to the winnings that you earn using the bonus. The method used to calculate the rollover depends on how the bonus is structured.

We don’t always offer no deposit bonuses at, but when we do, they are the most rewarding on the market. That’s why you should always check out our site to see when they’re available to you. Remember:

  • No deposit bonuses don’t require you to make a deposit to access the bonus
  • Wagering requirements are in place on no deposit bonuses

Deposit Required Bonus (Reload Bonus)

This is the most common kind of bonus that you will see when playing at online casinos: a reward given to players when they deposit funds into their account. Here at, these bonuses are mostly awarded as part of the Welcome Package that we provide to new players, but are also available as our regular promotions.

This will be presented to players as a matched bonus when they make their first deposits and add funds to their accounts. The deposit required bonuses available at are some of the most rewarding that you can expect to find, helping to boost your bankroll very quickly.

A deposit required bonus will award players a bonus after making a deposit. This can come in the form of a matched bonus or as free spins. An example could be a welcome bonus which awards players a 100% matched bonus and some free spins to be used at a specific video slot. Obviously, the specifics behind the actual bonus will vary over time so it’s important to keep checking to see what’s available to you.

  • Often awarded as part of a welcome bonus
  • Can give between 25% and 300% matched bonuses
  • Reload bonuses can sometimes be available as part of monthly promotions and email offers

Pre-Wager Bonuses

This refers to a bonus that is awarded to the player as soon as they trigger the bonus. It’s called a pre-wager bonus because it can be used to play a range of casino games as soon as it is awarded.

A pre-wager bonus can either be a no deposit bonus or a deposit required bonus. When the wagering requirements have been met, the bonus amount will be moved from the bonus balance into the player’s real account. At this point, the bonus cash turns into real cash and the player is able to withdraw it with ease.

  • Awarded to the player instantly
  • Can be used to play on a range of different games
  • As soon as wagering requirements are met, it can be withdrawn

After-Wager Bonus

An after-wager bonus can be awarded as either a no deposit bonus or a deposit required bonus. It differs from a pre-wager bonus in one main way, though: when it’s awarded, it’s not put into the bonus balance to be used on games. It’s sent to the pending balance instead.

Here in the pending balance, the bonus won’t be awarded to the player until the wagering requirements have completely been met. When the player meets the requirements, the bonus amount will be sent to the player’s standard balance where they can be used in any way that the player wants. They may decide to play games or to withdraw — it’s up to them.

  • Awarded to the pending bonus balance
  • Once the wagering requirements have been met, it is sent to the standard balance
  • Can be used however the player likes if they are redeemable; otherwise, only winnings can be used freely

Casino Bonus Codes

A casino bonus code is a special code presented to players as a way to trigger bonuses. These codes can either be awarded as soon as the player tries to get the bonus, or they can be made available in other areas. The bonus codes at can give players everything from bonus cash to free spins, so they are well worth checking out.

One of the best places to find bonus codes for is on our promotions page. Here, you will see the latest and most up-to-date casino bonus codes that we have on offer. Just find the code you want and you can opt-in to some fantastic casino bonuses.

VIP Program

The VIP bonuses available here at can be awarded to players on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Depending on the bonus, the frequency at which they are awarded will differ accordingly. When you become a VIP, you get access to a range of different benefits, which includes some special VIP-only bonuses.

It’s well worth your while to join the VIP program and increase what you can get out of your time playing with us at Check out our VIP page to find out more about what we have to offer.


A cashback bonus is one of the least-common bonus types you can find. It’s mostly awarded to VIP players through the special rewards on offer. However, it can sometimes be given as a bonus that will pay back players a percentage of any net losses over a certain period of time. Cash and cashback bonuses also sometimes have no wagering requirements attached to them.

  • Very rare kind of bonus
  • Can be awarded through the VIP scheme and to players who have experienced a loss
  • Often have no wagering requirements

Golden Chips

A Golden Chip is a special bonus available at This is similar to spins, except that it’s used at table games. So, instead of giving players spins on a video slot, this bonus gives them a game on one of the many table titles included in our collection at So, you might get enjoy Baccarat or Blackjack.

  • Golden Chips are for use at table games
  • Only one Golden Chip can be used per round that you play
  • Any winnings will be awarded either as bonus cash or as wager-free cash

Slot Machines

Slot machines work in a different way to regular casino bonuses. This is because the bonuses awarded to players within the game don’t have wagering requirements attached to them, and they are solely to be used within that game. There are generally two kinds of bonuses that may be awarded on a video slot:

  1. Bonus games: This is when players complete a certain task on the reels, and a bonus game begins. It can be presented as a bonus wheel or a trail on which you need to reach the top. These award prizes, such as extra cash, extra spins, or more bonus rounds.
  2. Free spins: When a player activates this round, it will start off a certain number of free spins. Players don’t have to pay for these spins of the reels.

For more information on video slots, check out our slots page.

Free Spins

As well as being awarded inside a video slot, sites can also offer free spins in other ways. They are usually offered to players as part of a Welcome Package or reload bonus. As well as a matched bonus, players can sometimes expect to receive a number of free spins suitable for use on a variety of slot games. Take a look at our free spins page to find out more about these kinds of bonuses.


Every kind of casino bonus is different. That’s why it’s important for players to look at the range of qualities that they offer. When trying to find a bonus that’s right for you, look at the following qualities:

  1. Bonus amount
  2. Game context
  3. Redeemable/non-redeemable
  4. Wagering requirements

Each of these will help you to decide if a bonus is right for you or not.


The amount that the bonus offers is vitally important. If you are a big-stakes player, a no deposit bonus might not appeal to you. This is mainly for people who play with smaller stakes and want to try out certain games before making a deposit. If you’re a big-stakes player, it’s important to make sure that you can get a bigger amount that’s worth your while.

Game Context

The game context is hugely important. If you’re a video slots fan and a bonus is awarding players Golden Chips, maybe it’s not the right bonus for you. Conversely, if you’re a table game player and there are free spins on offer, perhaps you should steer clear. Make sure you can wager the bonus on the games you enjoy playing. Otherwise, it’s not worth getting.


The difference between redeemable and non-redeemable bonuses can sometimes confuse players. We have put together this expert guide to make sure our players are fully aware of what each bonus offers. At, we pride ourselves on being transparent:

  • A redeemable bonus can be used to play on casino games or it can be withdrawn from the player account. As long as the wagering requirements have been met, the bonus amount can be withdrawn.
  • A non-redeemable bonus is added to the player account purely to be wagered on casino games. It can’t be withdrawn from the player account — only winnings from the bonus can be withdrawn once wagering requirements have been satisfied.

Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements are the most important aspect of a bonus (though this can also be called the “rollover” or “playthrough”). This refers to the number of times that a player needs to play through their bonus amount before they are allowed to withdraw their bonus cash from their account. There are three different ways that wagering requirements can be applied:

  • As a multiple of the deposit that is made
  • As a multiple of the bonus that is awarded
  • As a multiple of both the bonus and deposit combined

It’s also important to remember that certain games contribute different percentages towards the wagering requirements. It’s vital that you check out the bonus terms and conditions to make sure that you’re fully aware of what the requirements are, and what the games you play contribute to your requirements.


Here at, we always make sure that our players are well served with the bonuses we offer. Not only do we present fantastic bonuses, but we also endeavour to be clear when it comes to the terms associated with each bonus. From high rollers to small time players, slot wizards to card sharks, we offer a bonus for everyone. That’s a key part of our ethos, and we’re proud of it.

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