Play Spread Bet Roulette at UK

In its original form, online roulette is one of the most exciting online casino games. Once you place your bet, it’s all up to the little bouncing ball as it spins and bounces around the roulette wheel before finally settling down in one of the numbered pockets. It doesn’t hurt that with so many different betting options you can win in a variety of different ways.

Spread Bet Roulette is the latest variation to the online roulette catalog. It introduces a second numbered wheel, spinning as an outer layer, which brings in a whole new set of betting options with great odds and payouts.

How to Play Spread Bet Roulette at UK

Spread Bet Roulette at UK is played on a single-zero European style roulette wheel. This means that there are 36 red and black numbers, and a single green pocket with the number 0. The Spread Bet Roulette wheel adds a second outer reel, that also has the same 37 pockets. These two reels spin in opposite directions at the same time.

The game, which is played on a vertical 3D roulette wheel, introduces seven bets that you can play, in addition to the regular online roulette bets. These bets are all numerical ranges, called the spread, and the payout ranges based on the spread you choose.

Once the bets are in, both wheels will start spinning until the ball lands in one of the pockets on the main wheel. The outer wheel numbers will line up with the pockets in the inner wheel, and the number with the ball in it will be added to the number from the outer wheel to come up with the spread. If the value of the two wheels is in your spread, then you’re a winner. So for example, if the ball lands in the 7 pocket and it lines up with a 32 from the outer wheel and you bet on a spread that includes 39, you’ll win the Spread Bet.

Spread Bet Roulette also has a regular betting table, with even money bets, neighborhood bets, squares, columns, and more. For a complete breakdown of the betting options and payouts, just click on the “Information” button on the gameboard.

Start Playing Spread Bet Roulette for Real Money Today

You can start playing Spread Bet Roulette for free by downloading our casino game software and testing the game out in Practice Mode. Once you’re ready to try and win money, you will need to open an account and make a deposit through any of the convenient payment methods offered at our online casino.

When the money is deposited in your account you will receive a Welcome Bonus of up to £100, that can be used when playing many of our online casino games.

Check out Spread Bet Roulette and see if you can conquer this two-wheel online roulette game at UK.