If you’re a fan of Online Casino Games then we have something here which we think you’re going to love. It’s a timeless game which is really for the connoisseur – Premium European Roulette. The game is played using a wheel with a single zero (alongside the numbers 1 to 36) and it offers a whole selection of traditional wagers which you can place.

  • A ‘Straight Up’ bet is a regular bet on the ball landing in a single number. In this game you can also bet on the zero.
  • A ‘Split bet’ is placed by putting your chip on the line between two adjacent numbers. You’ll receive a payout if either of those numbers comes up.
  • A ‘Street’ bet can be placed on three numbers in a vertical line, or on the combinations of zero, one, and two, or zero, two and three.
  • Similar to this, there is a ‘Four Bet’ which takes in all four numbers between zero and three inclusive.
  • A ‘Corner’ bet is placed by putting your chip in the centre of four adjacent numbers.
  • A ‘Line’ bet is spread across six numbers. You could think of this as two Street bets combined.
  • A ‘Column’ bet is placed on groups of numbers which run in the opposite direction to ‘Streets’, in this case horizontal ones as opposed to vertical. These cover twelve numbers in total.
  • ‘Dozen’ bets are placed on sequences of numbers, i.e. 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36.
  • ‘Red’ or ‘Black’ are perhaps the most famous bets in Roulette; betting on the colour of the numbers.
  • ‘Even’ or ‘Odd’ require little explanation; they’re similar to Red or Black in many ways.
  • ‘Low’ or ‘High’ are also simple bets, either placed on 1-18 or on 19-36.

It’s worth remembering that with the last four kinds of wager, the green zero is not a winning number!

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As well as the types of wager explained above, Premium European Roulette also has a special feature known as the Racetrack – clicking on the Racetrack button opens another panel where you can place three different specialist bets, all with French names: the ‘Voisins du zéro’, the ‘Tier’, and the ‘Orphelins’. All of these are explained in the fully comprehensive guide on how to play Online Roulette which you can find in the ‘Help’ section of the game itself. But that’s not the only help which we’ve got for first-time players – Casino.com UK has an exclusive bonus offer for new starters which could be worth up to as much as £100 (plus 200 spins)!

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