Play Multiplayer French Roulette Online at UK

Thanks to the latest Online Casino technology, the gap between what you can do in a traditional casino and in an online game is getting smaller and smaller. And the latest innovation puts you right at the table alongside other like-minded players – that’s right, multiplayer gaming has arrived at UK. And where better to try out this fantastic new way to play than with a game of roulette? Specifically, we’re talking Multiplayer French Roulette – only one zero on the wheel, but plenty of players to share the fun with.

Take on all-comers and be the best at online Roulette

Multiplayer French Roulette has a full suite of gameplay options, including Neighbour and Announce bets – these are advanced techniques beloved of the expert roulette player, where the chips are distributed across a variety of wagers rather than being placed on just one number or one colour. But don’t worry if you’re new to the game and not ready to jump into these techniques just yet – all of the regular options such as red or black, or odd or even, are present and correct as well! It’s important to remember that this is a timed game, so you only have a limited window in which to place your bets, otherwise unconfirmed bets won’t be taken into account once the wheel starts turning. You need to be quick – however, we’ve set up a clever feature to assist with this, where you can set up as many as four ‘Favourite Bets’ which you can then place with just one click. But when it comes to this exciting multiplayer variant, the game itself is only half the story – we’ve also got a fully functional chat window! Whether you’re a collaborative player who wants to share tips and strategy with your fellow players, or whether you’re the competitive type who wants to tell the world about their latest big haul, the chat window means that you’re in for the most social game of Online Roulette you’ve ever experienced. We’ve even made sure that you can use emoticons so that everyone knows exactly how you feel when the ball comes to rest.

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We’ve got a fast paced roulette game, we’ve got a live chat window, we’ve got a wonderful community of players to meet… and there’s one more thing which makes the package complete – that’s the exclusive bonus for new players of our Online Casino Games, and it could be worth 100% up to £100 (plus 200 spins). All of that is waiting for you right away, so time to get spinning!