Play Purple Hot at New Zealand

The only thing hotter than red hot is the Purple Hot online slot game at New Zealand. This 5 reel 5 reel payline online slot game is a basic fruit themed game with two great feature, a progressive jackpot and a doubling option.

The online casino game gets its name from the deep purple background and burning fires on the gameboard. The fruit symbols from most valuable on down are an Apple and Orange each with a top payout at 500. Plums watermelons, cherries and lemons all have a max payout of 200 time the line bet. The banana has the lowest value with a payout of just 50x for a 5of a kind, but it also has acts a Scatter symbol.

Win the Purple Hot Progressive Jackpot at NZ

There are few wins in an online casino as exhilarating as a progressive jackpot. The pot is constantly growing as players enjoy Purple hot in online casinos all over the world. You can watch the pot grow by taking a look at the digital readout on the top of the gameboard.

In order to win the progressive jackpot, you’ll need to get 5 of the “7” symbol on a winning payline, and play all 5 lines. The second criteria are that you need to play the total bets of either $2, $5, $10 or $25 and win the corresponding jackpot. If you don’t meet the criteria and still manage to get 5 of the “7”: symbols in a row, then you will win the line bet payout which at 5,000 times the line is still quite a nice win.

The banana Scatter doesn’t trigger any bonus features or free spins like you may see in other online slot games. What it does do however, is that while most wins only ay left to right, when the scatter is involved it can go both ways.

The final feature can be accessed after any win, and it’s the double feature. You can choose to lay your winnings on the line to double, or double half, of the winnings, by playing a simple card game. There are 4 face down cards and one face up, all you need to do is pick which card has a higher value then the face up card. You can continue to press you luck until you reach the max double payout of $2,500.

Get Purple Hot at New Zealand

Purple Hot is a fun game to play, with a max bet of $5 per line, and just 5 lines, you don’t have to worry about breaking the break on one max spin. While it may lack some of the features and bonuses of other online slot games, the progressive jackpot makes this a viable option for a player looking for a huge win.

In order to have your chance at winning the progressive jackpot you’ll need to create a real money account at our online casino and start playing today.