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Age of the Gods™: God of Storms III

Gladiator - Road to Rome

Leprechaun's Luck

Great Blue Jackpot
Cash Collect™: Sahara Riches™
Wolf Gold
Cash Collect™: Silver Bullet Bandit™ Iceland is jam-packed with real money online slot games, all of which can be played on desktop and mobile platforms.

One of our top games Sahara Riches: Cash Collect contains a big prize payout opportunity, as well as Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols and more on its 5 reels and 30 paylines.

The Cash Collect game mechanic has been a favourite for players, so it is no surprise that this slot game is one of the top games. Playtech’s Senior Game producer has shared with us some words about his personal experience with the games he created:

"Most game producers and designers are also game players at heart, and from my first game of Cash Collect™, I knew players would love it as much as I did. There’s a great range of Cash Collect™ games for players to choose from, and they’ve all got their own distinctive theme and special twist, but the central mechanic is what’s really engaging – the sense of anticipation when you’re waiting for the Collect symbol to land on the final reel."

Cash Collect™ suite Game Expert: Yehonatan Tishler
Senior Game Producer, Origins – a Playtech Studio

Keep reading to learn more about these slots and to discover just why the entire country, continent, and even the world, is so passionate about them.


Game NameRTPDescription
Sahara Riches: Cash Collect95.67%This Arabian themed Cash Collect slot from Playtech contains bejewelled treasure chest symbols, 30 paylines and big prize opportunities.
Age of the Gods: Gods of Storm 395.82%Claim divine rewards with the latest release from Playtech’s Age of the Gods series of slots.
Age of the Gods: King of Olympus Megaways95.94%The iconic Age of the Gods theme combines with the popular Megaways feature, making for countless ways to win.
Wolf Gold96.01%Search for Wolf Gold in the wild, with free spins, respins and three jackpots to be captured.
Crocodile Blitz95.53%Slot gaming with a bite, where free spins and expanding symbols make for a thrilling adventure.


A progressive jackpot is an ever-growing jackpot that releases at random to one lucky player. These jackpots are typically available across several slots and grow every time a player takes a spin, with a small percentage of their stake allocated for the jackpots.

One of the best examples of progressive jackpots is the Age of the Gods slot series, created by Playtech. There are four jackpots on this slot, and they are added to several games, all featuring similar themes (Greek gods) and styles. Generally, progressive jackpots are not limited by stake size and everyone has a chance of winning, but that chance increases along with their stake.


Stay on the ball when playing online slots in Iceland by learning these commonly used terms:

  • Auto-Spin: A feature offered on all real money slots. When selected, players can choose to automatically take a specific number of spins. These spins can be set to include loss limits, win limits, or stake limits.
  • Bonus Feature: A feature activated via Scatter or Bonus symbols. Can include free spins, where players are allowed to spin the reels for free while claiming all the wins they produce.
  • Fixed Jackpot: A jackpot that is fixed based on a specific sum of money or stake multiplier and does not grow as a progressive jackpot does.
  • Gamble Feature: A feature offered by some real money slots. It becomes available after winning spins and you use it to risk your money and go “double or nothing”. Many Gamble features are based on a game of “Hi-Lo”.
  • Max Bet: The maximum bet that can be staked on a single spin. Many slots have a “Max Bet” button and if you press this the stake will automatically be set. In some cases, pressing this twice will set the stake and take a spin as well, so be careful.
  • Min Bet: The minimum that can be bet on a single slot machine spin. There is very rarely a button that lets you set this stake.
  • Multiplier: Your wins are multiplied by the number shown on screen. Multipliers can be added to wins after spins or they can be added to Wilds and Bonus Features before.
  • Paylines: A series of connective, consecutive symbols that form a win.
  • Payout: A sum of money released at the end of spin when the requirements for a specific win have been met.
  • Paytable: You can access the game’s Paytable by selecting the “i” icon or the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines). It will provide details of the slot’s features, symbols, payouts, and more.
  • Random Number Generator (RNG): RNGs can be found at the heart of many real money slots and table games. They are complex calculations that ensure every reel spin and feature activation is completely random and not influenced by any person or program.
  • Reels: A reel contains symbols and spins independently of the other reels, with players needing consecutive symbols moving from one reel to the next in order to trigger a payout.
  • Return to Player (RTP): The RTP is used to denote how likely a slot is to payout. Often displayed as a percentage, the higher the RTP is, the better.
  • Scatter: A Scatter symbol is one that triggers the game’s feature or an instant win. In games that have free spins as well as Bonus Features, the Scatter is often the symbol that triggers the former.
  • Symbols: A symbol is an icon, often represented by a unique image, that can form winning pay lines. Different symbols return different payout amounts.
  • Turbo: The “Turbo” option is offered by most slots, either in the form of an icon that you can press or by tapping the space bar. This option speeds things up, with the reels spinning faster and with waiting periods reduced significantly.
  • Volatility: This refers to the frequency at which a slot pays out, as well as the size of the payout. Also known as Variance, a slot with Low Volatility is one that triggers frequent and small payouts, while High Volatility slots do the opposite, with larger but more infrequent payouts.
  • Ways to Win: A “way to win” works a lot like a pay line, only not in the traditional sense. While a pay line forms a connecting line from one end of the reels to the other, a “way to win” generally refers to one of many potential payouts offered by a slot and it is often used for games that have at least 243 of these possible wins.
  • Wild: A Wild is a special symbol that can substitute for all other symbols and may or may not trigger a multiplier as well. If, for instance, you need three consecutive symbols to get a win and you get 2 symbols and a Wild, or 2 Wilds and a symbol, the same payout will be triggered.


At IS, you can collect all kinds of bonuses to use on casino slots, including our Welcome Bonus, which is offered to all players who join and deposit for the first time. There are also Free Spin Bonuses, which allow you to try many popular online slots for free.

To learn more about these bonuses and how you can use them to play the best slots, pay a visit to our Promotions page.


All IS online slots are supported on mobile, and that applies to both iOS and Android devices. Not only do our online slots have the same great graphics seen on desktop devices, but many of them look and play better on mobile, with unique mechanics that offer a level of tactility and immersion not experienced on other platforms.



How do you win at online slots?   

There is no secret to winning at online slots. Just remember to gamble responsibly, establish a carefully planned bankroll, set a considered stake level, and never increase either of these when you are frustrated.


Do online slots remember you?   

Online slots will remember your activity on a specific online casino. For instance, if you play a slot today at Iceland and that slot allows you to unlock specific features and objects, those things will remain unlocked and available when you return an hour, day, week or month later.


How do online slots payout?   

Online slot payouts are triggered based on the Random Number Generator, which allows for complete randomization.   

All slots pay money into a balance that changes in real-time, reducing when you spin the reels and increasing when you collect. Once you finish playing one slot, you can then take your balance, including all accumulated funds, to another slot or to the Cashier, where they can be withdrawn.


What is the best time to play online slots?   

There is no ideal time to play slots because, in terms of win potential, your odds are the same whether you’re playing early in the morning or late at night. However, your connection may be at its slowest during peak times, in which case you may experience buffering and will be better suited to playing during off-peak hours.

This is rarely an issue for modern, super-fast connections, but can be an issue with slower ones or in more rural areas.


What is a flat top slot machine?   

In this context, the term “top” is used to describe the jackpot, with “flat” referring to a jackpot that remains the same regardless and is “fixed”. A “flat top” slot, therefore, is a slot that features a fixed jackpot.


Are online slot machines rigged?   

Slot machines are some of the most closely monitored and tightly controlled games in the iGaming sector. Regulators and auditors look over every aspect of the games to ensure they are completely safe and fair.   

To understand how likely a slot is to payout and how frequently this will happen, look for the game’s Volatility and Return to Player.

All outcomes are set by random number generators, which ensures that everything is completely random and fair, and cannot be influenced by external factors. This gives you the peace of mind you need as you deposit your money and play our vast and growing selection of online slots.


We work with developers like Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt and Red Tiger Gaming, all of which use strict auditing and tight regulation to offer the most trustworthy products and services; we utilize advanced SSL certificates to keep every transaction safe, and we work with problem gambling organizations to offer solutions to those struggling with this issue.

All outcomes are set by random number generators, which ensures that everything is completely random and fair, and cannot be influenced by external factors. This gives you the peace of mind you need as you deposit your money and play our vast and growing selection of online slots.

PLAY FOR REAL MONEY Iceland is the home of online slots in Iceland, the best place to play the games you want to play. We work with over a dozen gaming developers to ensure a steady supply of thrilling titles, ones that span a host of themes and cater to players of all stake levels.

A single deposit is all it takes to access these slots, and as a IS member, you will have hundreds of different titles at your mercy. What’s more, if you join today and make your first deposit, you can collect a Welcome Bonus—just what you need to introduce yourself to this casino in style.