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Step into the shoes of the greatest Greek hero in this fantastic slot in which you don’t need to be muscle-bound or have the heart of a lion to win some of the booty on offer. You don’t even need to leave your front room as you enact some of the daring feats performed by Hercules (or Heracles if you want to be sniffy about it). Hercules didn’t get off to the best starts in life. Turned insane by Hera, queen of the gods, he killed his wife and children and visited the Oracle at Delphi to pray to Apollo, who told him to serve the king of Mycenae. As punishment for his brutal act, Hercules was made to perform 12 difficult labours, many of which feature in this slot – just one of the great games to be found in our online casino.

Olympus challenge is a labour of love

Most of us are happy to achieve a 10k run in our lifetime, but thanks to online casino games you can now get stuck into some of the challenges faced by Hercules: stealing the golden apples of Hesperides, bringing back the belt of Hippolyta, slaying the Hydra and capturing the three-headed Cerberus, guardian of the underworld. Symbols of these daring feats appear in this colourful slot, so what are you waiting for? The king is waiting!

Head off to ancient Greece

The features are spectacular and include a Hydra Bonus which is triggered by the monster appearing on either the first or fifth reels. Hercules needs to fire three arrows at the nine-headed beast to win cash prizes and multipliers. This bonus is not for the squeamish, though, because it also has a rage feature which is triggered randomly and results in all of the heads being decapitated. Ouch! Ten free spins are heading your way if you land three of the Hercules scatter symbols during normal play and there is a triple multiplier too which helps to make those 12 labours so much more worthwhile. Prince of Olympus, just one of the hundreds of online slots we have available, also has four progressive jackpots and a Herculean strength bonus to keep you focused on the difficult tasks which lie ahead. Now you’re in the picture, it’s time to play the hero!