Play Roulette Scratch Online at Canada

In keeping with our phenomenal theme of combining some of your favourite online casino games with each other to form colossal gambling entertainment, Canada introduces our latest endeavor. The Roulette Scratch offs are designed like a Roulette wheel, but they have the properties of a scratch card. A unique concept to be sure, this exciting challenge will keep you busy for hours at a time. Load up your account with one of our easy payment methods, and dive into this genuine casino experience!

Roulette Scratch has several aspects that you will no doubt enjoy. Most of our players love the fact that you get to play five cards at one time. This is because, if you are playing scratch card games, you probably like things to move fast. With five cards being dealt at each pop, you are getting five times the action and five times the results in the same solitary round that you are used to receiving just a fifth of all that.

How to Play Roulette Scratch

Play follows just like any other scratch off game in essence. You buy into a round, by purchasing a card. In fact, you only have to pay once for all five of the cards in each round. The others come along as a bonus. Now you can check the auto play feature out if you are so inclined. This option tells the system to automatically continue dealing out and scratching away cards for you as per your predetermined betting amount until the automation runs out. Again, this is a plus for players who aren’t interested in waiting around for a new round to begin or in constantly inputting the same information time and time again. If at any time you decide that you want to change up your card value, you can stop the auto play option, make the adjustments, and begin the feature again.

Getting Paid in Roulette Scratch

Whether you are doing the work yourself or letting the machine take care of it for you, the play continues in the same manner. The card will be populated by numbers. When the façade is cleared away, it will reveal both the bet number and the prize value. The bet number is the one you think the wheel will stop on, and the prize value is how much you win if you are right. You can win up to 100k if you guess properly and have the right card value in place, so settle down for some exciting Roulette and online scratch card game melodies!