Play Rocky Scratch Online at Canada

Rocky Balboa won over the hearts of everyone back in the 80’s, and he is still an icon of victory and perseverance till today. Well, now you can harness that fighting power into your own victory sprint when you play his Rocky Scratch off card game at our casino online! Play against the meanest and the roughest players in the ring, and rack up some heavyweight champion cash prizes when you do. The action is happening right now as you read this, so get your gloves on, and get ready to fight!

How to Play Rocky Scratch

Our Rocky Scratch cards are some popular online casino games because everyone loves an underdog. Rocky built himself up to be the winner, and now you can do the same by playing these scratch card games frequently. The card values start as low as 20 cents, so you can really play as often as you like without having to worry about your bankroll. You can also opt in to the free mode version if you really aren’t in the mood of spending a dime. Believe us, though, when we say that this is one investment that will make it worth your while!

After you start the round buying a card, you need to decide who your veritable opponent will be. There are three options to choose from: Apollo Creed, Ivan Drago, and Clubber Lang. Anyone who has seen the movies will recognize these names as being the fighters that Rocky Balboa had to face during his climb to the top. Their names are almost as frightening as their faces, so choose the one that intimidates you the least!

Watch Those Rocky Scratch Move!

Now is the really fun part of these scratch card games online. You hit play to open the round, and you’ll have the three fighter cards before you. Click on one of them, and a small movie clip of Rocky fighting against that opponent will play out for you. If Rocky knocks out the opposing fighter, then you win the prize amount that is attached to that ticket. If he gets knocked out, though, you lose. There are three options, and after you have chosen your fight to play out, you can look at the other two to see what would have been the results had you chosen one of the others. This can be a comfort if it says Now Win or a disaster if one of the void slots held a major prize! Those are the chances you take when you play a fun gambling sport like Rocky Scratch, so give it a shot now!