Play Love Match Scratch Online at Canada

Love is the most wonderful feeling in the world. To give is to change someone’s life, and to receive it is the ultimate pleasure one can enjoy, and that is probably why our Love Match Scratch cards are so wildly popular. Everyone is searching for love, but lucky for you, the search will not take you very long. Just log onto your online casino account and access these cards from our gaming lobby. You will instantly fall head over heels for this fast paced, action packed and love inspiring option that is heaven sent to win you some dream cash. Give it a shot today!

Love Match Scratch Icons

That’s right, love is in the air, and, with a little help from our adorable Cupids, you will be seeing hearts all over the place. The scene takes place against an ethereal, cloudy background, and these sweet angels of love are floating above the screen airily. The three by three grid is covered in hearts, and the images below are even more endearing. You’ll be uncovering some heart throbs like champagne glasses, teddy bears, decedent chocolate cake, flowers, butterflies, love letters, lollipops, presents, balloons and of course the friendly little cherubs who are waiting to make your day. Every time you uncover a card, you’ll be filled with joy at the small sentiments that fill the screen.

How to Win at Love Match Scratch

What will make you even happier when you play our Love Match Scratch offs is lining up three angels in a row. Just get those three friendly faces lined up, and you’ll win the grand prize that is displayed above the card for that round. The best part is, unlike most online scratch card games, you don’t have to just be on the look out for one icon. In fact, the Love Match Scratch cards have two angels, and you can use both of those fairies to create a winning set. So just line up three angels, regardless of whether it’s the blonde or the red head or both, and you win!

Winning at these scratch card online casino games is simple. You just look to see the amount that is revealed when the entire card is cleared, and that is your prize. The system will put the money into your bankroll automatically, so you don’t have to worry about any technical details. Leave that up to us! For now, you can just load up your account with some cash, and start playing to the new love of your life.