Play Lotto Madness Scratch Online at Canada

Want to get lucky? Then play our Lotto Madness Scratch cards, and feel like fate is on your side at last!

Lotto Madness Scratch Payouts & Card Values

Before you begin playing Lotto Madness Scratch, you’ll want to choose how many cards you want to play simultaneously. You can choose to play one, two or three scratch card games online at a time. If you don’t specify, the computer will automatically select the middle card as your sole card for the round. With three cards to play with, though, why wouldn’t you want to triple the fun? Click on a card to activate it, and then click again to deactivate it. It’s as simple as that. Now choose a card value to make things interesting. You could start with a lowball amount, but be sure to up the value soon to really increase the excitement that is wrapped around each round. One last thing about the card values; the higher the value of the card, the bigger the jackpot possibilities you are looking at. Watch the window at the top right corner to see how much you can win for each of your cards’ values.

Now press play and grab a cool drink because things are about to get hot in here! The numbered balls will pop out of the machine and roll into their tube. Whether you want to uncover all of the cards at once or just do it a little at a time is up to you, but once all of the squares are revealed, you’ll be able to see how many times you’ve won. The more numbers you can match up on your cards to the ones from the machine, the higher your take away will be.

Lotto Madness Scratch Bonus Features

Unlike most scratch card online casino games, the Lotto Madness Scratch cards have some bonus features to make things even more exciting than before. If you hit a cash symbol, you’ll automatically win a prize. The prize value is shown on the square with the symbol, and it will automatically be sent straight to your bankroll. The other bonus feature is a neat bonus round. If you hit the wheel of fortune symbol, a colourful wheel will fall down onto the screen and start spinning. Whatever number the wheel stops on is the multiplier for that bonus round. The computer will multiply the value of the square by the multiplier and give you a colossal payout for that round. It’s always exciting at our online casino, so come on in!