Play King Kong Scratch Online at Canada

Before there was a Gamera to terrorize US soil, before the colossal Godzilla was tearing apart sky scrapers and towers, there was one monster so fierce that the creators couldn’t even bear to let him out of the jungle. Escape, he did, though, and now he is ripping through your computer screens in the hit King Kong Scratch games from our casino online! Get in on the action fast while there is still time!

King Kong Scratch Display & Setup

The King Kong Scratch cards offer fans of the 2005 remake a chance to revisit that terrific rendition. Some say that it was the best King Kong film yet, and we think everyone would agree that this is the best scratch version to date. It’s got so much to offer, so let’s take a look. To start with, the setting is a tropical jungle with the ferocious gorilla standing to the side, teeth bared and ready to attack. As terrifying as that imagery may be, players will take heart with the brilliant sign hanging above his head. It announces the major jackpot prize of 10K that you could win when you play these scratch card games online, and that’s no monkey business! The cards are to the right side, and there are six squares to work off of. The prize circle rests just below the star of the show. The function buttons are all found at the bottom of the screen, and these are there to help you configure your card and your gaming session to your specific qualifications.

King Kong Scratch Rules

Now that you know what you are looking at, getting started is simple. To the very left of the functional buttons, you’ll find the card value slot. This is where you get to decide how much you want to spend for each card you play. You can use anywhere from half a unit to ten units to buy a card, and the amount that appears in the prize circle will increase with the value of the card. Next you have the shuffle button. You can choose a new card at random whenever you please, and the card number displayed shows you that you are always getting a unique card that has never been played or will be played again. The auto play option lets you play multiple rounds successively. Finally, we have the play button, and that’s what starts all the casino games online action going. Match the prize icon to one on the card for a big win and loads of fun!