Play Gladiator Scratch Online at Canada

If you enjoyed watching Russell Crowe in his phenomenal performance as a heroic fighter of justice in the box office hit back in 2000. Well, now all of the excitement, action and bravado are back on the screen with our Gladiator Scratch cards, and we’re delivering them straight to your fingertips. So grab a Big Gulp, and get ready for an exciting casino games online adventure!

The Gladiator Scratch games give you all of your favourite characters from the movie and then some. Find some friends, some foes and even some love, while you battle your way up the ranks of the fierce gladiator’s arena to defend honour and justice and your way of life. Putting all noble purposes aside, you’ll also enjoy a colossal win when you play these online scratch card games, so let’s see how to play!

Gladiator Scratch Setup

This is a typical three by three grid version, though we have plenty of other types as well in our gambling arena. You’ll see all of the character icons on the left side of the screen, and their worth is written clearly on each square. The Coliseum, for example, is only worth an even payout, while the helmet of the gladiators will deliver the cool 5000 times the card.

How to Play Gladiator Scratch

Play begins after you place a bet. You are choosing a card value, but in essence you are placing a bet just like you would in any of our other fabulous casino games from our casino online. After the system has generated a new and unique card for you, you can press play to start. Scratch away all of the squares yourself, or let the system do it for you by pressing the Scratch All button. This is a much faster way to get results, but you might enjoy a little eagerness from uncovering things slowly. Once the squares are all revealed, you’ll be able to see whether or not you have won the round. Three images in a row horizontally or vertically constitute a win, and the prize you collect is the amount of your wager multiplied by the number on that icon.

There is even an auto play option, so you’ll never get tired playing these cards. Whether you land up with a set of the corrupted Commodus, the ancient Coliseum or the lovely Lucilla, the fun is always happening around the Gladiator Scratch games. Hurry in now, and play a few rounds for yourself. You’ll be glad you did!