Play Football Mania Scratch Online at Canada

Ready for some sports that any fan would be proud to play? It’s a quick and easy version of your favourite past time, and the best part is, you can make money while you play. You don’t have to get outside or even change clothing for this one, though since our Football Mania Scratch card game is delivered directly to your computer screen. Hassle-free, fun and profitable; what more could you ask for? Head straight to our online casino now, and check out this fabulous football action!

Football Mania Scratch Setup

Everything about these cards screams football. The backdrop of the screen is a stadium lined from end to end with admiring fans. The turf is as green as ever, and the blimp flying on high is toting an exciting message about how much you could actually win off of one of these cards. The images that you’ll see frequently on your own scratch card online casino games include football equipment like gloves and balls, flags, referee uniforms, the Football Mania Scratch logo, enthusiastic athletes, and the golden trophy that every sportsman secretly hopes will be his. Your goal is to find the same icon on the card as the one that appears in the prize circle next to it.

How to Play Football Mania Scratch

The Football Mania Scratch cards are set up in a two by three grid for a total of six spots. Place the bet that you are willing to make for this round, and then press Play. This will turn your cursor into a coin that you will use for scratching away the surface just like on a real card. You can decide if you want to scratch away the prize circle first or the card squares. It doesn’t make a difference to the way the game is actually played, but some people like to build the anticipation by uncovering each square first and then revealing the prize symbol, while others just can’t wait to see what they are going for. Play the way you have fun. You can also press the Scratch All button to reveal all of the images at once. This is a good option for players who like to have everything out in the open and prefer a faster paced game.

Did you match the prize icon with one of the symbols on your card? Then you’ll win the prize value that is written on that symbol, congratulations. Now keep going with these and other exciting online scratch card games right here, right now!