Play Dolphin Cash Scratch Online at Canada

If you think that under the sea is down where it’s better, then you should dive right into our Dolphin Cash Scratch cards. With the beautiful blue seas washing over you, you’ll love all of the marine life, the entertaining graphics and, of course, the payouts that are going to be swimming into your pockets fast. Grab your swimming gear and take a plunge into the deep blue sea of Canada today!

Dolphin Cash Scratch Features

Our Dolphin Cash Scratch card game features the beautiful sea creatures that everyone loves. The dolphin is about as majestic a body as you will ever see, so it is no wonder that there are so many casino games fashioned after this loveable character. There are other sea creatures that will appear on your cards as well. Find exotic coloured coral, seashells, pelicans and more when you start playing this entertaining option. If you are into this theme, then we can show you how it works fast, and you’ll be on your way to fun under the sun in no time. Take a look.

How to Play Dolphin Cash Scratch

The first step to playing these online scratch card games is deciding how many cards you would like to activate per round. This is not the same thing as choosing to play multiple rounds successively; that is something you will decide on later. Instead, this choice has to do with the number of cards that are in play during a single round. You have the option of choosing up to five cards, and the more you play, obviously, the more chances you have of winning one of the major prizes we are offering, so what is the question? Simply click on one of the blue rectangles to activate that card, and click on it a second time to deactivate it.

Next you can choose a card price. There are multiple options here, so find the figure that makes you feel confident that you can play around with that kind of cash for a while. You don’t want the fun ending before the night does, after all. Also remember that you can always adjust your card price if luck is on your side and you want to up the ante a little. We’re flexible, so relax and just have fun! Click play to get started having the time of your life with the adorable and the entertaining Dolphin Cash Scratch off cards from everyone’s favourite online casino today!