Play Classic Slots Scratch Online at Canada

Put two things you love together can often result in disaster. Take fruitcake, beef flavored ice cream and smoking in bed as some examples of things that just shouldn’t be combined no matter how much you love them! Then again, there are some things that go together so beautifully, you kind of wonder why they were ever apart to begin with. When you play our Classic Slots Scratch game that is exactly what you will be thinking. Haven’t had the pleasure yet? Then direct your attention to the Canada screen, and get ready to be amazed!

The Classic Slots Scratch game is a combination of everyone’s favourite online casino games: the scratch card games and the slots machines. Putting these two entertaining gambling sports into one energetic game makes so much sense, and it will make you a whole lot of cents too! Let’s take a closer look at this phenomenal concept that is breaking new ground in the online casino world.

How to Play Classic Slots Scratch

The Classic Slots Scratch cards look just like an old time slots machine. There are three machines lined up next to one another, and the game logo is flashing in classic style lights above the machines. Add to that the red ticker tape that announces how much you could win, and you’ve got yourself the authentic flavour that is going to make your gambling experience complete. While everything looks and feels just like a genuine slots machine game, this is actually a online scratch card game, remember? So the play follows according to those rules. Begin by selecting the amount you want to spend per card. There are no rules about this part, but bear in mind one important fact: the prize values are only going to increase with the more valuable cards. Watch the ticker we told you about previously to see how much you stand to gain by spending a little more on your cards.

Classic Slots Scratch Winning Prizes

Next, press play or auto play depending on your gaming style. You don’t have to sit there clicking on the button every time a new round starts if you opt for the automated version. Either way, the machines will fill up with fruit symbols, just like in a classic slots machine. You are trying to get three of a kind, and when you do, the prize amount that is pictured at the base of the slots machine will flash as the winning amount. Play again and again, as you enjoy this brilliant cross between two of the best games out there!